Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Grubnards GT Countdown T-3 Weeks

 ... Or less than a month until the GT....

This past week I was able to finish painting my Dark Apostle. All that is left is to add the basing materials and paint the base. I'm pretty happy with how the tattoo of the chaos star on his head turned out. I was also fortunate enough to get in two games with the guy who runs the monthly events at our LGS. Look for my feedback and thoughts on those games farther down in the post. With this being the last week in October I started to categorize what I still need to paint, build, and play test. So without any further delays, lets look at what I did this past week.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

hyv3mynd's Eldar + Dark Eldar @ October RTT - Game #2

 Our local monthly event for October was a DaBoyz GT primer.  I scored max battle points in my first round by tabling my opponent and ended up paired against Nogle (Mike) who also plays Eldar and scored well in his first round.  I was actually really excited for this game as Nogle has done really well with Eldar at tournaments in Erie and Syracuse and I haven't had the chance to test myself against him yet.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Da Boyz GT: T - 4 Weeks - Crispy

     We're a month out from Da Boyz and it's crunch time to get everything finished. On top of that, I'll be heading down to the Warstore Weekend to participate in the Colonial Fantasy GT Optimally, I want to get everything wrapped up over the next week and a half.

     The Colonial has historically been in the spring, but this year they split the event in to 2. The 40K event is still in April, but the Fantasy portion is being run at the Warstore Weekend. With the Colonial moved to the beginning of November, our gaming group didn't think we'd be able to swing 2 GT's in a month (Colonial Nov 1-3 & Da Boyz 22-24). Well, it turns out that there's a lull of activity before the holidays and we all wanted to get a few more games in before the holiday hibernation comes along.

     On the list of things I need to finish, I can cross off the Movement Trays, Trolls, and Night Goblins (see below the fold). Now I'm just down to touch-ups and single models. For single models, I still have a Savage Orc Shaman, and a Night Goblin Shaman. In terms of touch-ups, I'd like to redo the wood parts of a few chariots I have, and maybe even re-paint my Arachnarok.

     Here's a taste of my trolls. Check out below the fold for more Troll pictures, Night Gobbos, Fanatics, and movement trays.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Grubnards GT Countdown T-4 Weeks

switching tracks...

Last week I announced that I was going to switch from the Tau army I had planned to bring to the GT to instead run my Word Bearers army. The more I thought about this decision the more sense it made. I am very familiar with the Chaos codex as I have played it many times over the past year, plus the army is pretty much all painted and has a lot of conversion work and details added to the models. This decision alone gives me plenty of breathing space to add more details to my chaos army plus I gain time to work on terrain and my display board. Over the past few days I started working on my display board for the Word Bearers. So let's take a look at what I have done...

Monday, October 21, 2013

Da Boyz GT: T - 4/5/6 Weeks - Calypso2ts

The inevitable painting countdown is beggining and while I am in better shape than last year, things are starting to get a little tight overall.  The unfortunate part is the really key units I want to use are precisely the ones that need painting (Seekers, Flesh Hounds).

Limited progress on the Seekers so far but I did manage some on the Flesh Hounds.  There is some detailing left in the face, but I am going to leave them as is to get at least a minimum standard on the rest of the Hounds and the Seekers.

Friday, October 18, 2013

hyv3mynd's Eldar + Dark Eldar @ October RTT - Game #1

This month's local tournament at Millennium Games was the "DaBoyz GT Primer" and last normal tournament before the GT in November and then the championship invitational in December.  I brought the same army list I've been playing without any changes.  I really like the way it plays and due to the rapidly approaching GT, I didn't want to make any changes that would throw off my painting agenda.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Grubnards GT Countdown T-5 Weeks

... Or Grubnard's big shakeup!

We are nearing the 1 month mark before the Da Boyz GT is upon us and this past week has been a crazy time for me. I've been working on terrain, painting my army, and this past weekend I played in the Millennium Games monthly tournament which was geared towards practicing for the GT. I brought the thus far completed Tyranid terrain to the event so that I could get the players thoughts and feedback on how the terrain worked and what, if any improvements could be made. So without wasting anymore time lets jump into this week's post.

Friday, October 11, 2013

DaBoyz GT T - 6 Weeks - hy3mynd

It's been several weeks since I posted a formal hobby update on the Eldar + Dark Eldar force so here's some eye candy on my most recent models.  Some of the colors are washed out due to experimenting with new lights and light box, so sorry about the picture quality.  Here's my farseer who I just finished up by washing, drybrushing, and adding grass to the base.  I also painted his face plate white to match his runic armor.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Crossroads 2013 GT Wrap-up

     It seems like we’re in the middle of tournament season with multiple GT’s going off every month. Jay just made it back from playing in the Warmaster’s GT and that same weekend I helped run Crossroads GT. On the horizon, we still have Da Boyz (of course), Battle for Salvation (someday when the finances work out, I want to go), and the Colonial/Warstore Weekend (I've gone to the past 2 Colonial Fantasy GTs and it's been a great time). That's just in the NorthEast. 

     Getting back to Crossroads, Corey Reynolds continues to grow the event, and this year we brought in 102 players. Not too shabby for an event that’s only advertising is word of mouth. I also think Crossroads is the largest Fantasy GT outside of Adepticon.  

     Without further ado, here are the full results. 

Check out the award winners and a photodump of the armies present at the event below the fold. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tyranid Spires Pt 1 and DaBoyz GT Tau List

Grubnards GT Countdown T-6 Weeks

This week I thought I would showcase part 1 of the Tyranid Spires terrain that I have been working on for a good part of the past month. This portion of the project was much more difficult than the other terrain pieces since I was working with new material and did not know what to expect. I will be breaking up the project into two part, this week focusing on the initial stages of development and next week I'll wrap it up with the final results. This weekend is also the Da Boyz GT primer being held at Millennium Games and Hobby so I plan on bringing the full set of the Tyranid terrain and see how it holds up before next months GT.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Warmaster Challenge - DaCock

My Eldar Army
This past weekend I went to The Warmaster Challenge. As usual I had a great time at the event. It is my favorite event. It was sold out this year with 46 teams playing on Saturday and 58 people playing in the singles event on Sunday. I had some awesome games over the weekend.

Friday, October 4, 2013

hyv3mynd's Eldar + Dark Eldar @ September 1850pt RTT: Game #3 and Results

After solid wins in game #1 and game #2, I find myself paired against Dave yet again.  If you haven't been following my monthly tournaments, I also faced his IG in game #4 of the August event as well as game #3 of the July event.  Over the past 2 months, I've been lucky in our games, but Dave really wants some revenge and the third time may be the charm!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Da Boyz GT: T - 7 Weeks - Calypso2ts

Somehow the transition from 8 week left until the DA Boyz GT and 7 weeks seems like a big difference when it comes to finishing up painting.  Luckily, I am getting close to having the Flesh Hounds complete - which I will be showcasing in this post.  I also had another chance to get a game in with my GT list and had my first game against the new Eldar.

My opponent was Josh - we had arranged a game since I was going to be in town and he brought the following pure Eldar list: