Thursday, February 28, 2013

Adepticon Style Team Tournament - List Building Ideas

      March at Millennium Games in Rochester means it’s Adepticon Team Tourney practice time. While I won’t be heading out to Adepticon this year, I still wanted to get in on some team action. I’ll be teaming up with my co-author Calypso2ts to bring either a Chaos/Daemon or Nid/Nid army to the event. The other Mandulian Chapel authors (Hyv3mynd & Grubnards) will be present, along with the Da Boyz and Beef & Wing crews. If you’re able to, come on out and join us. It’ll be the 9th of March at Millennium Games in Rochester NY, with registration starting at 9:30AM and dice dropping around 10AM.

      Anyway, I wanted to throw out a few list builds to talk about. Each player is limited to 1K, and has to conform to a modified force org (see below). Because each teammate is restricted to 1K, there’s a few things to think about in terms of list building. Do you try and go for a well rounded list, knowing that you don’t have full access to your toolbox, or do you try to focus narrowly?

      Calypso2ts and I aren’t sure if we want to do CSM & Daemons or Double Tyranid, so I’ll present a couple of lists for each. These lists will be my side of the team equation. Check out the format of the event below the fold, and I hope to see you there.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Its a jungle out there... or is it?

Hi, my name is Kevin (aka grubnards on various 40k boards) and Hyv3 asked if I would like to contribute to the Mandulian Chapel. Since I make a lot of terrain, tinker with conversions, and generally try to get creative with my models I figured I would write a series of article dealing with terrain.

Themed terrain can add new levels to your game.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Calypso2ts - Daemon Changes - WD Analysis

I had a chance to grab a copy of this month's white dwarf which features a Daemon Battle report in it.  Overall, it provided a good glimpse into some of the changes to the Daemon book.  The biggest one, which is something that I have generally negative feelings about is the loss of Daemonic Assault.

For the uninitiated, Daemonic Assault was basically a drop pod deployment for all Daemons - with a twist.  You chose your preferred wave and on a d6 result of 1 or 2 the other half came in turn 1.  The rest arrived via normal reserves.  This made Daemons a bit of a gambler's army - your deployment was the balancing of the Deep Strikes required to put you in position to take down your opponent.  If executed correctly, an opponent had a single turn with which to react to your assault units before they came crashing into their lines.

Other losses include the elimination of army wide Eternal Warrior and Fearless which is not unexpected.   The Daemonic Assault change is not unexpected either - there has been a push in 6th edition to eliminate Null Deployments.  What do these changes mean for Daemons?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Horus Heresy - Mysteries & Fluff Questions

On a topic a little different than what we normally cover, I wanted to discuss some of the recent mysteries revealed in the recent Black Library, Horus Heresy novels. I’m a big Black Library - Horus Heresy fan, and I wanted to get some input from our like-minded readers concerning a few questions that some of the most recent novels brought up. If you’ve been keeping up with the Horus Heresy series, you know that a number of “mysteries” have been hit upon already

While I don’t think that  I’ll be discussing anything that will spoil any of the Horus Heresy books (ie, OMG, the Emperor is really a 3rd Alpharius!?!), I’ll keep my thoughts below the fold. So, there’s a number of mysteries to be solved, but let me know what you think about the following:

1) Does each Primarch have a ‘Super Power?’

2) Are the Space Wolves ignoring the Edict of Nikaea?

3) Why doesn’t the Emperor tell the primarchs about what he’s doing on Earth?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Calypso2ts - Daemons w/ CSM vs SM w/ SW - 1850

This is a game I had the chance to get in a few weeks ago versus a combined arms Space Marines/Space Wolves force.  I want to share it because it really worked to highlight the advantages that CSM allies can bring to a Daemon army.  Unfortunately I cannot recall my opponents name - he was a great guy who just happened to be looking for a game that weekend.  He had a board setup already and we rolled up:

Deployment: Vanguard Strike
Mission: The Scouring

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Tyranid Unit Worth Taking?

     Continuing our ‘A Tyranid Unit Worth Taking’ series (Here’s Hyv3mynd’s original A Tyranid ListWorth Building post, and my follow-up), I wanted to hit upon the changing roles of Genestealers, as well as a few of the heavy support options I’ve been playing around with. This past weekend, I attended an 1850 tournament at a local Con where I was able to try out a few ideas that I’ve been tinkering with. My full list is below, but I specifically wanted to try using the Broodlord as a support model, and to include a Tyrannofex. I’ll go over my 3 games, and how some of my units performed.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Batrep: Grey Knights vs Chaos Marines and Guard 1850pts

 I've been able to start sneaking in more games recently.  Work's been keeping me out of the monthly tournaments so I haven't been working on any tournament builds, just fun stuff I've been wanting to try.  This week, Chris from Buffalo (sinistermind) accepted my challenge and brought out a Typhus list.  This was also exciting for me since I'm working on a Typhus list of my own.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Calypsots - CSM and Sorcerer Painting

Following the huge painting push I went through before Da Boyz back in November I have had a bit of trouble getting back into painting.  Other life stressors contributed as well - is it me or are the holidays terrible for Warhammer?!  The important part is that I had a few days where I was able to sit down for a few hours and do some painting and modeling.  The painting aspect was the most therapeutic  but this also represents my first real foray into kit bashing.  Below is the Sorcerer I will be using as an allied HQ - and maybe in a CSM army at some point.

I wanted to keep the models consistent with my Daemons colors - since I already spent so much time discussing CSM allies for Daemons - which means Purple, Pink, Teal and Green are the primary colors with fleshy tones for the skins.

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Battle for Mith'ler

 This week's battle report is a special treat.  Kevin (grubnards) and I planned out a 2,000pt game with mostly painted armies (pardon my mycetic spores) and I asked him to write-up the game from a cinematic perspective.  Army lists and a turn-by-turn can be found here (bottom of the page).  If you enjoy this format, voice your support with a comment and I may be able to persuade Kevin to write stories for the blog on a more regular basis.