Thursday, February 20, 2014

Online Gaming Aids

One thing I have been a fan of lately is utilizing and taking advantage of all of the wonderful and snazzy software, programs, and cheat sheets that people are creating to make our games easier to play. Without a doubt, the latest incarnation of Warhammer 40k has become so layered with rules that trying to play a game without taking notes, or using markers has become cumbersome. On the whole, I tend to support my local game store and buy gaming supplements where possible such as psychic/magic cards but many times GW only makes a limited run on these items and once they are gone you are out of luck. This is especially true for army/race specific magic cards from Games Workshop. I only play Orcs n’ Goblins and Warriors of Chaos, which utilize magic lores other than what is in the main rulebook. So what is a gamer to do in cases where he or she does not want to hunt down a limited run item on ebay or spend hours shuffling through books to make lists or even make a nice looking battle report? Glad you asked because I want to show you a few programs that are free to use or download and have made my gaming experience so much easier. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Grubnards Painting Table

Or... My next phase of the hobby.

It feels good to finally get back to painting. As you know, the past few weeks I have been pretty busy with helping run the 40k event at the Running Gagg and playing a handful of X-Wing games. While all of this has been fun it has left very little time for me to do what I love most in the hobby… building and painting my minis. While taking a break from painting and co-running the event, I began to ponder on what direction I want to go with regards to my 40k armies.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Unleash the Dogs of War!

This past weekend was the Running Gagg at SUNY Geneseo and as I posted in last week's blog, I was co-running a large, bring and battle 40k event. The turnout was pretty good for having less than a month to plan and advertise the event. We had a total of 12 players attend the event so we decided to break the teams down into 3 players per side or 6 players to a table. The teams were based upon the armies present so we created the teams based upon fluff to help create a themed game for all players involved. Read more to find out about the event.