Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Swamp Board - Painting has begun

As stated in the title I have been spending the last two weeks painting up the surface of the swamp table. I also started to add debris and plant growth to the bottom of the waterway so that when the water effects have been poured in you will be able to see pieces of trees, rubble, and plant life. So let's take a look at the progress so far.

Monday, May 26, 2014

6th ed Memorial - Millennium May @ 2k - Rnd 2/3

A new edition has dropped, and I want to look into what this means for Daemons.  First I plan finish my final tournament of 6th edition before starting into that analysis.  I know everyone is eager to see Daemonology in action, but from a core rules standpoint there has not been much change between 6th and 7th edition (bear with me on the psychic phase part).

My draw in Round 1 against Koszka (Round 1 here) meant I was actually paired down for round 2 - we were the only ones who drew in spite of the mission type.  My round 2 opponent, Nogle, brought with him a Spartan and a pile of Lascannons too.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Millennium May @ 2k - Rnd 1

I had an opportunity to head out to the Millennium tournament this month.  Given the surprise release - comparatively speaking - of 7th edition, it turns out this will be the final 6th edition tournament at Millennium.   I understand many people have not liked the new aspects of 6th, but I have really enjoyed this edition.  This comes from someone who played an assault army in a shooting edition - according to conventional wisdom at least.   I wanted to stay consistent for this tournament and I ended up changing my list, once again, at the last minute.

The changes are minor compared to the army I described in previous posts, but they really transform the nature of the list.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Swamp Board Update

The past two weeks have been pretty busy with Spring coming around to New York but I was able to squeeze in some time to work on my swamp board. I learned an important lesson while working on the next phase and that is not to compromise your projects by using cheaper materials. If you remember in my last post I left off with me gluing the plastic tiles to the board. Well, I ran out of my glue so I ran to a local hardware store instead of Home Depot and the only wood glue they had on the shelf was Elmer's wood glue. I have always used Tite-Bond in all of my previous projects (and have always had great success with it) but I didn't want to hold off on my progress so I picked up the Elmers. Sure enough, after I finished gluing all 400+ tiles, some of them started to pop off as I was wiping away the excess sand. So I tossed the rest of the Elmer's away and made another trip to pick up some more tite-bond.  So let's see where I am with the project right now.