Monday, March 5, 2012

So close, yet so far...

I finished base coating the army today, but with 5 days left until the tournament, I will not be able to fully finish it.  The tournament is just a monthly 3 game event so it's no big deal, but it still makes me a little sad that I missed the deadline.  It's still not bad progress for only 3 months from start until now, and with another tournament coming in May with heavy paint scores and DaBoyz GT 2012 in October, I still have plenty reason to keep working towards finishing the army.

The army features a beast pack made with fantasy models and hellions saving me a ton of money over the metal and finecast models.  The khymera are mostly red and orange, the razorwings are shades of blue, and the clawed fiend is purple.  As a whole unit, they reflect every color seen in the rest of the army.

There's also a unit of 10 grotesques converted with talos bits, sculpted guts, and freehand tattoos.  Finishing touches will also include filling their "gut windows" with water effects to add another medium.  There are also two converted haemonculi which used bits from fantasy flagellents, ghouls, talos, and warrior kits.

 In the back you can also see the custom webway portals I made with metal rings and water effects.  Once the army is completed, it will be my best chance to go after painting/theme awards with a ton of conversions, freehand, air brushing, dry brushing, washes, and water effects.  It may not be the most competitive army I've ever built, but it is a lot of fun to play and look at hehe.

Saturday is the tournament at Millennium Games.  It's my first tournament in 3 months and I'm super excited to get out of the house and throw some dice, even if I lose all 3 games.  I'd love to see all my local readers there and I'll post up my battle reports in the following week.


  1. That is one beautiful armies. The pastel colours really lend themselves to the notion of an otherworldly invasion.

  2. hey Aaron, the army is looking great!!! looking forward to seeing it this saturday!!! i'll be bringing my WIP grey knights, and i hear you about gettin out to play i look forward to the monthly millennium tournaments since my son was born and i havnt had much time to play 40k

  3. Aaron, man this army is pure inspiration. Its been awesome to see the progression of your painting from the nids, to the GK, to finally this. You have jumped leaps and bounds as an artist, needless to say i'm extremely jealous. Can't wait to see you and the army 1st had at the Boyz or maybe the ATC a little bit earlier. You'll defiantly have my favorite army vote, assuming you don't give me another beat down ;)

  4. @ Nurglitch ~ Thanks man!

    @ SM/Chris ~ Can't wait to see the GK's. Bring a bunch of the B-Lo crew and let's get this event up over 20 players.

    @ J-Willy ~ Thanks so much, that means a lot coming from someone who's been around the world (twice!) just to play 40k. I am also extremely jealous of your 40k experiences.

  5. Very nice! I just picked up a DE army and have being thinking about what I'd do for a beast pack. I really like what you've done. Also, the colors remind me of their roots as eldar. I imagine the eldar that fell were fully indulgent and this color scheme makes me think of that. Very well done.

  6. I have an airbrush, will my army look like that?

    Man, finished or not, you're an incredible talent.

  7. Thank you Brent.

    And yes, your army can look like that. Airbrushing isn't nearly as difficult as many people think. It's all about getting comfortable watering down paints, adjusting pressure, direction, and distance to object.

  8. Looks great man! Really turned out wonderful so far. For the stomachs are you going to use a resin or water based water effect product? I would recommend using resin since it will shrink a lot less and will probably turn out much more transparent.

    Just finished painting some for this tourney as well, looking forward to getting out to Rochester for it.