Sunday, March 25, 2012



Not much to show this week except a small hobby project.  My 10 week old son has finally started sleeping through the night, so I've given up some hobby time to catch up on sleep.  After rushing to assemble and base coat the army for this month's tournament, I decided to treat myself to some alone time with a paintbrush and a character model.

 I wanted to make an aberration model to lead the grotesques with extra bulk and wargear upgrades.  He also has the proboscis head and double spines to give him a larger appearance.  He has mirrored tattoos on his arms and back as well has faded patterns in the fabric of his pants.

Anyways, that's all for now.  I gave this guy four days of my time so that's what I've been up to.  I may do bases or maybe play with some scourges next.  Tuesday is game night again so stay tuned for another batrep Weds or Thurs.


  1. Looks wicked. Loving the tattoos and patterns on the pants, what model did you use for the base of it?

    The mask fits perfectly, I can picture him standing over a dead marine drinking its guts through the straw.

  2. Excellent work, man! A terror to behold I'm sure. Everything is top notch and the pattern on the pants is great. The nose is an interesting touch.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Sleep is overrated anyway. Really looking forward to seeing these guys in person someday! Neat to see the polka dots; those seem like they would be pretty hard to get the spacing right.

    Is that a washer under his base? ;)

  4. Thanks guys.

    @ Kabalite ~ The body arms and legs are from the fantasy ogre box. The mask, weapons, and spines are from the talos/chronos box.

    @ Ghostin ~ I thought sleep was overrated until I could sleep a full night again lol. What events do you get out to? I think I watched you on the NOVA cams last year, do you ever do anything further north?

  5. I'd hoped to play in at least a couple events after NOVA - BofS, Blobs Park, maybe get out to IndyGT and some local store tournaments but it just hasnt happened that way. Life, family, etc.. I'm richer for not playing but I miss it. I have family up near Ithaca, so definitely in the realm of possibility to get up there. Just need to figure out how to dovetail gametime with family time while up there. Quite embarrassed about my camera time at NOVA; such a bad example of tyranid play, comparatively speaking.

  6. That's an awesome conversion! Far better than my Ogre Grotesque conversions. I'd love to see how you made your webway portals!