Saturday, February 25, 2012

Endless Joy

It's been a long time since I've had a chance to write.  I assure you, it's not because I have nothing to write about.  My stamina to paint for endless hours has run dry due to the sleep deprivation that everyone warned would accompany the arrival of our child.  With a major painting tournament just two weeks away, I've been spending my little waking free time painting.  I haven't played a full sized proper game in months so there's been little to write about or share my thoughts on other than hobby stuff.  The guy pictured above is my son Lucian, now seven weeks old, who keeps me from getting bored painting.  Now, on to the 40k stuff...

But wait, that's a fantasy vargheist.  Except I plan to use them as razorwing beasts in my dark eldar army.  The models are just so awesome I couldn't resist.  It's very large, but still suitable for representing a multi-wound/multi-attack model.  And no, I won't use it's size to claim cover in an advantageous way.  That's not the way this army will work.

More fantasy models OMG.  These guys will be my khymerae.  Fantasy hounds of chaos with a couple tyranid bitz.  Much cheaper than the finecast crud.

Here are some wyches I've been working on also.  I tend to drift when I'm painting from unit to unit.  I'll paint one or three models from one unit then switch to another to see how they will all look together.  The army is very bright for dark eldar, but I'm really enjoying the final products.  For those who haven't been following since the conceptualization, the army will represent a troupe of traveling entertainers (evil circus) from the twilight kabals who steal entire stars and drag them into the webway, leaving entire systems to die in darkness.  The color scheme is supposed to represent "twilight's edge" and every color you could see in a fading sunset.

Here's a sampling of models from several units.

The army and bases probably won't be finished in two weeks, but I can at least get three colors on everything by then.  I'm starting to get inspired with basing schemes now that so many models are complete and I can analyze which colors would complement them the most.  The guys here are running a 2,000pt tourney in May with heavy comp and painting scores so I will adjust my goal to have the army complete by then.

Tell me what you think!  I won't have much time to write until after the March 10th tourney, but expect some colorful battle reports shortly after that.  Thanks for reading~


  1. Outrageously cute kid!

    I shudder to think of a 'flock' of those razorwings :-)

  2. Grats man, baby is super cute. It changes everything indeed!

    1. Thanks for the kind words guys. My wife will love the fact you commented about the kid's good looks before my models since she stalks my blog now hehe.

    2. Hey dude! My youngest is a bit over two months now, so I'm in the same boat. I'm also still working full time, and going to grad school full time at night. Needless to say, my hobby has... suffered.

      Good job on making a cute baby, and also on managing to keep painting despite it all. I'm really jealous of your airbrush... I want one badly!

    3. Thanks Pugatus and gratz on your baby too.

      My wife deserves the credit for my ability to keep painting as she knows how much I enjoy it and keeps the baby occupied a little longer a few days a week so I can sit in my painting chair without being disturbed.

      Other than that, it's all done in between diapers and bottles in 1-2 hour sessions. Thanks to the airbrush and my new comfort level with washes and dry brushing, I did the khymerae, wyches, and razorwing all in about 10 days.

      It's looking like the entire 1850pts will be complete in a total of 4 months time, which also includes working my full time job(60 hour weeks running up to Christmas and Valentine's), and all the new insanity with the baby.

  3. Congrats again on the little guy.

    The army looks like it's coming together well!

  4. First, super cute baby very adorable! Secondly the army looks absolutely amazing I love the color scheme. Its perhaps one of the best armies I have ever seen. And lastly your thoughts on the new tyranid models?

  5. Really nice baby, has such a cute and clever look!

    Thanks for the idea of the Cahous hounds, I was really wanted to have Chimerae in my army, but not the GW metal ones made of pure gold, considering their prices... (Finecast kits, 5 in a box - would be soooo nice...)

  6. Well done!

    The 40K stuff is also good looking.

    I love the fantasy stuff. For me one of the biggest advantage of using GW stuff is the fact you have two systems to play around with and in they are interchangeable in almost all aspect. The army looks great!

    I've made some comments on your bases in previous blog updates and I'm curious on what you're planning. And what about the Haemonculi on the disc? Will you fix the feet? :)

    Also I'm very curious about what you think about the upcoming T-Fex/Terv. Yay or Nay?

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Sorry about the sloppy english once again... I'm getting rusty. :)

    2. Here are my thoughts for the bases.

      As a matter of personal preference, I feel a dark base complements a bright model well. A dark base won't draw attention away from the model from a distance, as the human eye is drawn to brighter colors. My Grey Knights are a good example of a bright model with dark bases.

      That being said, I've narrowed it down to two choices. My first choice is a very simple base with scattered rubble. Something like the pictures you see of destroyed French cities after WW2. I would use different sized rock particles and airbrush them with a different shade from each direction to create a dramatic lighting effect. My second choice would be a dark, swampy base theme as I've wanted to try water effects on bases.

      I haven't fixed the haemi's feet yet as it's not high on my priority list. I still have about 15 models left to paint and the whole army to base. Maybe some day when I'm bored with nothing better to do hehe... I know it's a glaring flaw in the photo, but hardly noticeable on the table.

      As for the new models, my thoughts mirror what most bloggers have already said. The models themselves are fantastic, but the size will cause some issues. TBH, I could care less. I probably will buy them someday, but it's not a project for my near future. I will adapt my lists and play style to compensate for the difference in cover, but if you're playing on a true "5th ed" table, cover shouldn't be an issue. Any of the 2 level GW ruins will still provide cover and even a pair of GW trees should still do it with proper placement. The main gripe is not being able to layer cover with hive guard anymore, but people will adapt. Most dedicated tyranid players have learned to adapt or give up at this point. I don't think the new models will change that.

    3. Forgot something... I think the biggest deal with the new releases is the tyrant kit. The lack of options for a swarmlord or flyrant model was a huge deterrent for people and no you can make a tyrant, swarmlord, and flyrant/harpy all from one box! This box alone had me drafting some swarmlord lists...

    4. ... Also, with the precedent set by the trygon, is anyone really surprised that it will be hard to get cover for all 6 wound MC's?

    5. Interesting!

      I find that we have different baseline opinions about bases. I think of them as part of the model and thus try to mirror elements from the model, emphasizing some colours/features, and you think of them as background that shouldn't steal attention. Cool.

      Concerning the new Nids. I like them! The new Tyrant is as it always should have been (strange that they released a finecast version between this and the former though, trickery!). The large ones (mommy and daddy) look great, they mirror they superheavies nicely.

      I've avoided the Terv so far (don't like Termagaunts) but now I'll find some room for two Mommys.

    6. Don't get me wrong, the base is definitely part of the model and shouldn't be too minimal. I just feel an entire army colorfully painted can be too busy with equally colorful bases.

      For an example of what I'm talking about, check out Picster's gallery here:

      One of the best painters in the world IMO. Check out "Traitor of Mankind" the tenth picture. That's the kind of "rubble" base style I'm considering for the DE.

    7. Considering the new Tyrant kit, there are some issues with itunfortunately
      * no MC Devourers (GW might think everyone has Carnifexes at home)
      * no MC Deathspitters (no issue because they such ruleswise so noone uses them)
      * no Armoured shell (as everyone has Carnifexes at home GW might think)
      * wings take up an arm slot so you CANNOT build a legal model (wings, 2x TL devs) out of the OFFICIAL kit.
      Although Nids seem to have 2 legs and 4 arms, I find it disturbing that winged ones can carry 4 weapons because codex allows them to do so, YET they fail to do it with released models (Shrikes with FW wings have the same issue unless you massively convert them.
      I mananged to convert my Shrikes so that wings take up no arm slot, just like I did it with the Tyrant + Balrog wings, but I think the official model should have options that would allow people to build a legal and properly equipped flying Tyrant.

      Tervigon and Tyrannofex are just simply great models, can't wait to start building them (and the 50 gaunts I need for spawning :)

      W6 MCs should have some rules for innate cover (like every big MC has vents on theit back - innate 5+ cover spore cloud for example?
      Or, Tyrannofexes could have som sort of integrated interceptor bug hive inside that they can "launch" to intercept incoming projectiles granting a 5+ cover - think suicide "protector" bugs here. Or something like that. get some coffee for the creative department, GW, Nids have SOOO many possibilities :)

    8. Dobi:
      Tyranids have six limbs. For me there's no question about it. Bat-like wings are limbs. Fact! On earth at least. ;)

      There's a very simple solution to your problem: put weapons in the leg sockets! That's what you do with the Trygons. Tyrants with legs, two set of arms and bat-like wings look wrong IMO. I solved the problem giving my Tyrant insect-like wings since insects have wings in addition to their regular limbs.

      Concerning your last paragraph. I can give you what you seek: Venomothropes! :D

    9. Ikterus: weapons in legs sockets just look quite lame I think... at least I don't really like them. I think a Tyrant standing on the ground on it's feet with 4 weapon hands and giant Balrog wings are awesome. Looks kinda intimidating to me. Flying Nidz need some sort of feet - sometimes they just have to land :) But that's only an opinion.

      Yes, Venomthropes are great, but build-in clouds would be much better because
      * Vthropes are squishy
      * they die horribly to S8
      * the take an Elite slot :(
      * they cannot be spread wide enough to cover each and every MC
      but these are just wishful thinking :)

      Besides that, I really love their ability to provide cover.

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  8. Hyv3:
    Very nice. Excellent painter.

    I do however note that in almost all bases he adds a little something to mirror/enhance the apperance of the fig.

    I think that an all gray/monochrome base is less than perfect. It needs to be tied together with the mini standing on it. As I said earlier, I would add a little something (undergrowth, grass, blood...) to emphasize/stabilize the overall apperance.

    I'm sure you'll do an excellent job! Looking forward to following your progress.