Sunday, December 5, 2010

List of the Week: 1850 Comp

With the Millennium Invitational less than a week away, I really need to nail down my comp list.  There will be some painting scores as well so one of the limiting factors is my selection of painted models.  If any of my local readers want a game before Saturday 12/11, let me know and I'll throw it down for a test run.

(HQ) Tyranid Prime + whip/sword, toxin sacs, scything talons (105)
(E) Lictors x2 (130)
(E) Ymgarl Genestealers x7 (161)
(E) Hive Guard x3 (150)
(T) Hormagaunts x17 (102)
(T) Genestealers x20 + broodlord (326)
(T) Termagants x15 + devourers (150)
(T) Tervigon + toxins, adrenals, catalyst, stinger salvo (195)
(F) Spore Mines x3 (30)
(H) Tyrannofex + rupture cannon, shreddershard beetles, stinger salvo (265)
(H) Carnifex + twin linked devourers x2 (190)
(H) Biovore (45)

There it is hehe.  I'm not a huge fan of comp but around here's it's so much less drama if you just conform for the appropriate events.  It may appear to be a hodge podge, but here's my theory behind the list:

I'll play it like a battering ram as one solid force rushing mostly up the middle depending on deployment.  Genestealers lead the charge in cover as long as possible and with FnP if possible.  My opponent most likey shoots at them a lot.  20 bodies with cover and FnP last a long time... Hormagaunts won't be far behind genestealers and I hope to assault both by turn 2.  Hopefully turn 2-3 will see the arrival of lictors and or ymgarls which will strike at the heart of my opponent's deployment zone.  Assuming models from each large unit have survived into assault, that makes for 4 assault units stuck in drawing attention and fire and allowing my shooty units to bring the rain.  52 dakka dice, str10 rupture cannon, str8 impaler cannons, str6 brainleech worms, and str5 stingers and a biovore for infantry suppression.  The games will be book missions so 3 spore mines are included for DoW denial and compyness.

Feedback and challenges welcome!


  1. Hi! Is an interesting list.
    But I change some things:

    1) you can put two units of stealers (may be two units of 15 stealers) and two more spore mine cluster (3 each). Then, in DoW you can obligate to your opponent to put all of his army in reserve, if you have the initiative. With the stealers you will block his table edge and all o big part of his opponent's army will be destroyed.-

    2) the two lictors are less effective than 5 ymgarl stealers and cost more. You will deploy this lictor into cover, so, is more usefull choose the 5 ymgarl.-

    3) the lonely biovore is an easy kill point, and can produce friendly fire.

    Sorry for my horrible english, but I can read very well, but my writing is poor xD

    Thx! and Best regards!


  2. Keep up the great work, love the blog! (jamster from hivemind)

    This list looks nice and diverse/fun but I wouldn't bring it to a comp. What was the choice for 2 lictors?

    I would definitely choose ymarls over em or make 2X2 hive guards to help with your light AA

    Never tried spores but 1 biovore seems like a waste. Especially as you stated you will be charging your whole army up...poor biovore

  3. Totally agree with both of your points. However, let me break down the way comp works for this tournament.

    Each player gives each opponent a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" at the end of each game. This can be for poor sportsmanship, conduct, or composition. These votes are worth many points.

    In the spirit of composition, special characters and unit duplication are highly frowned upon. As such, to avoid losing points and maintain the spirit of the event I'll only be using one unit of hive guard and one unit of ymgarls. The lictors and biovore made the list as they're already fully painted.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  4. not to mention taking too many "good" units gets you in trouble as well