Monday, January 16, 2012

Newborns and Trueborns

Well, I've been a daddy for nearly a week now.  I spent 4 days and 3 nights in the hospital with my wife following her c-section and the birth of my son.  We've been home a few days now and are adjusting to the insanity that is newborn sleep deprivation.  Here's a shot of my little masterpiece, Lucian.

I'm still managing to find some painting time throughout the night between feedings and diaper changes.  I was able to finish painting a small trueborn squad with blasters over the past two days.  I'm really starting to get excited about painting this army so my productivity level has been high.  I'm really pleased with the way these models are turning out.

I was also able to talk Nids with Black Blow Fly about his reserve list while I was in the hospital trying to keep my sanity for 4 days.  I didn't turn it into an article for this blog, but you can read up on our lists and theory HERE.

That's all for now.  More dark eldar hobby projects are on the way.  I may showcase some blood angels I will be painting for a friend, as well as share some thoughts on the 6th ed. rumors (which I mostly believe).


  1. Aaron,

    Congrats on becoming a dad!

    As an aside, are you going to be attending the ATC this year? I heard that Shaun can't go so it does leave an open spot for you guys.

  2. Yeah, Shaun already had a family trip on the books for ATC weekend. Jay would rather do WargamesCon and can't do both as they're so close together. There is enough local interest to fill up a team, but nobody is stepping up to lead it and I'm in no position to fill the shoes this year.

    There's a slim chance I'll try for WargamesCon with Jay and Shaun. Warmaster's Challenge, Battle For Salvation, and NOVA are also on the radar but I can travel for one event tops this year so IDK which it will be yet.

  3. Have you considered Chris C. to be the captain? Maybe post on the blog to see who is interested in leading the team. If there is enough interest you guys should go as it will be fun for everyone. Da Boyz need to be represented!!!

    NOVA would be the biggest and cheapest event to attend. I went last year and it was fun, but not knowing anyone kinda detracted from my overall enjoyment of the event as a whole. Not to mention the hotel was annoying. But according to Mike Brandt, they are fixing the issues so we will see.

    This year their tournament layout is kinda strange, something to consider when picking the event.

    As far as wargamescon, I have never been there and sadly I won't be going as I have a wedding and a weekend crash course graduate class to attend. But a lot of the big names in the midwest and south are going to be there since it is an ETC placement event. You should be able to get a bunch of good games in. If you do attend, do the mirror match as it is an awesome concept, and I kinda which adepticon was doing something like that this year.

  4. Trueborn are a great unit. There is more to them than the conventional venom spam that was popular last year. I ran a large squad in a raider in my DE army and they always did great things. According to their background Trueborn are born by conventional means while other dark eldar such as Warriors are vat grown... kind of interesting to me.

    Yours look awesome.

    : )

  5. Congratulations with the baby, I wish you and your family many happy moments together for a very long time! :)

    Keep your sanity though, we really love your blog!

  6. Thanks Dobi. Keeping my sanity is the hardest part for me. I love my son and the time we have together, but lack of sleep frays everyone's nerves and it's making me very grumpy at work.

    I'm getting out to play some 750pt games for the painting league tomorrow and show off the new army so that should help lift my spirits. I'm also selling some of my tournament prizes and will be picking up the last two boxes I need to finish the army so I'm looking forward to the retail therapy and playing with some new plastic.