Friday, January 27, 2012

Kabalite Warriors

Well, my son is two weeks old now and we're well adjusted to the new routine.  After work, I hang out with Lucian and mommy and hear all the ridiculous stories about bodily functions.  Then when mommy and Lucian are asleep, I get to paint.  I'm on call for bottle and diaper duty until 2am these days so I'm actually able to get a respectable amount of painting done.

I'm getting accustomed to the technique of applying this scheme which is very different that my other two armies.  The combination of airbrushing, washing, and dry brushing makes things very quick and I was able to paint these five guys in just four days.  At that pace, I may actually be able to finish this project on time.  I'm also very pleased with the finished models.  I hope you guys do too!

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