Monday, January 30, 2012

The Kabal Grows

No, those aren't the same warriors I posted last week.  I was actually able to paint 10 warriors in 7 days which is really cool.  My original list was actually going to be a haemonculi coven with the genetically altered units, but after some proxy testing I didn't like 3 man wrack units and felt I was lacking some ranged anti-tank.  As a result, I added an archon, two units of trueborn, and several warrior units.

Here's a shot of the growing Kabal.  I'm still searching for a basing inspiration so feel free to suggest anything that would look good with my color scheme.


  1. Great work man. This army is really coming together great!

    Gotta love the airbrush.

  2. Great scheme dude, they look hot as!

    I'm doing a very similar colour palate/fade on my Craftworld Altansar Eldar.

  3. Looking really good!

    I like bases that are more than just shades of grey or another bland color. I try to think of the bases not as just something that the models stand on but a chance to add something extra to the mini and work in symbiosis with the paint job.

    I'd suggest adding something red on the bases. The red is the color that really pops on these guys and it's all focused on the upper part of the models. Adding something red (bushes, lava rocks, blood or something similar) would make models more balanced imo. You could even use red on the whole base (red gravel, grass or blood)

    Avoid green (grass or such) as it would clash with the red and the blue. I would also avoid white as it would stand out to much.