Thursday, September 11, 2014

Crossroads GT Recap

This past weekend was the Crossroads GT held in Elmira NY. With just over 100 people in attendance it was a fun, two day event for playing Warhammer Fantasy battles. I played 5 great games and all of my opponents were fun and engaging people. I took many pictures over the weekend but before I get into that I just want to give a shout out as to why this is one of my favorite events. The atmosphere at this event is simply amazing. There are a wide variety of well painted armies in attendance but more importantly its the players that set the mood for the weekend. Everyone just seems to get along and have fun, regardless of how the games are going for them or what armies they are matched up  against.

In many 40k events you hear complaints about meta/net lists, or how this player did that, or how there wasn't enough time to complete the game but I never hear that at this event. Mad props go to Corey Reynolds and his family and Staff for running a truly well organized event. Saturday started out a little ahead of schedule and when dice down was called there were only a hand full of tables with players still trying to finish their turns. The software used to keep track of the scores also posted the next pairings on your smart phones so while you were eating lunch you could check to see where you were going to play next and who it was going to be against. I played against 5 different armies and all of my opponents were great players and fun to play against.

Game 1 was against a Vampire Counts army played by Dave Lenox
Game 2 was versus a High Elves army played by Zach Faucher
Game 3 was against a Dwarf army played by Ryan Meier from NerdHammer.
Game 4 was against Brian Moyer's Warriors of Chaos army
Game 5 was against Nate Schultz and his Ogres

Onto the pictures. For most of the pictures I did not take down any names but if you want to point out an army you know or if you see your army pictured here feel free to point it out.

1. My warriors of Chaos
2. Dark Elves
3. Wood Elves
4. Empire
5. Daemons of Chaos
6. Warriors of Chaos
7. Skaven
8. Dwarfs

10. Chaos Craig's Clan Bling Sprocket (Skaven)
11. Lizardmen

12. High Elves
13. Empire
14. Daemons of Chaos
15. Vampire Counts
16. Daemons of Chaos
17. Orcs n' Goblins
18. High Elves
19. Lizardmen
20. Empire
21. Wood Elves
22. Empire
23. Warriors of Chaos
24. Daemons of Chaos
25. Dwarfs
26. Daemons of Chaos
27. Warriors of Chaos
28. Dark Elves
29. Orcs n' Goblins
30. Goblins
31. Empire
32. Brettonians
33. High Elves
34. Empire

35. Orcs n' Goblins
36. Vampire Counts
37. Warriors of Chaos
38. Empire
39. Empire
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