Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pictures of the Armies at the 2013 DaBoyz GT

Here only small amount of armies that were at the DaBoyz.

Bill Souza Eldar Army

You got to love Orks!

Denis Cote Ork army
That guy is not riding a bike!

Hyv3mynd army

This is Troy's army. He won best theme.

Jeff Hobin's army

Don't worry the Eldar are just resting.

You got to love army in the a box!

This army was chosen for best painted.

Nate Steven's Tau and Grey Knight army.

Dancing Wraithknights?

This display played music.  Very cool!


  1. A lot of high quality armies. Very nice. Thanks for posting pics from the event. I found a few pieces definitely inspiring.

  2. I wish I got a picture of everyone’s army. The guy that got second in painting I never got a picture. He was in the middle of setting up and I never got back to him.

    1. I got a few that you missed. I'll add them to the post tomorrow or this weekend.

  3. Thanks for posting a pic of my Ork army! I had such a great time. Also, thanks to the folks who voted for WAAGH! Drillteef and winning me 3rd Place for Theme. You guys ROCK!


    1. Thanks for the GT review loopy. I think I only saw you in passing once. I remember the utility belt loaded with dice. Very cool idea I would totally copy that. Since I take tons of pics for battle reports, I've become OCD about removing dice and table clutter. A belt like that could be really helpful.

      I bet you could even market something like that to tabletop war gamers...