Saturday, April 30, 2011

ATC Adventure Chapter #2: Crunch Time

ATC is now just three weeks away and the pressure is on!  I've been painting like freak, picking up a brush any time I have 10 minutes or more of free time.  I've included a couple shots of genestealers I've been batch painting as a teaser.  I still have to do eyes and bases, but I'm pretty happy with some of the new techniques.

At this point, I've played four practice games each with different lists to get a feel for the format.  I have a fifth today, a sixth Tuesday, and I'm narrowing down a list that I'm happy with.  The TO's made some changes this week which effect some list choices (altering DoW so that dedicated transports don't count towards your 2 troop deployment allowance) and pairing tactics (adding a Team Champion mechanic which throws a wrench in the pairing  process).

Showing support for our club's ATC team Travis, the owner of Millennium Games, changed his May 14th tournament format to 2,000pts with no comp or painting scores to act as a primer and bring out some new Grey Knight armies.  I want to take this opportunity to promote this event.  Millennium Games has drawn from 16 (the least at any open event I've attended) up to 32 (seen this twice) players for their monthly 40k tournaments.  This has to put them at the top of the non-GT, independent retailer monthly tournament attendance in the nation.  I would love for the May 14th event to set a new record.  I'm talking to you, all of my Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Watkin's Glen, and Bighamton readers.  Clear your schedule, pack up your army and your friends, and drive up for the event.  It will be well worth it.  Travis's prize support is always top-notch and he aways provides free lunch if we draw 18+ players.  Table set-up is at 9am and registration is usually 9:30 with first game at 10.

So that's all you get for now.  Thanks for following my ATC adventure.  Next update will probably be after the 14th, which is also when team lists are due so I may be able to discuss my final list by then.  In the meantime, I have Jay Woodcock's Tyranid collection in the man-cave awaiting a photo shoot for a Hive Commander profile I'm writing on him.  There's also a few emails awaiting attention but competing for free time with my painting and losing ATM.  I haven't forgotten you guys!

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