Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Grubnards GT Countdown T-11 weeks

In the theme established by Hyv3Mynd, I will be posting updates of my trials and tribulations as the Da Boyz GT draws near with my army list updates, display board, and terrain building.

For 2013 I will be reviving my Tau army. The Tau were what initially drew me into 40k and I've been collecting them towards the end of 3rd edition but due to a lackluster codex over the past few years I was always hesitant on playing them at a major GT but with the release of the new codex I feel that I want to give them a try this year.

Here is the list that I am currently planning on taking. The only comp restrictions in place for this year is a 0-2 cap on all units except for troops, a maximum of 4 flyers in the army, and only 1 named special character in either the primary OR allies detachment.

Here is the bulk of my list. The Riptide and other XV88s are being painted

ABFP, TL Plasma Rifle, Shield Generator, MSS, Iridium Armor, Onager Gauntlet

XV8 Team
1: Missile Pod, TL Plasma Rifle, BK
2: Missile Pod, TL Plasma Rifle, BK
3: Plasma Rifle, TL Fusion Blaster, BK

6 Stealth Team

Ion Accelerator, TL Fusion Blaster, Advanced Targeting System, Early Warning Override

10 Fire Warriors

10 Fire Warriors

10 Fire Warriors

Kroot Sqaud 
Sniper Rounds

Disruption Pod, Seeker Missile

Fast Attack
6 Path Finder Team

5 Path Finder Team

XV88 Team
1: Velocity Tracker, TL Heavy Railrifle, TL Smart Missile System
2: Velocity Tracker, TL Heavy Railrifle, TL Smart Missile System

Heavy Support
XV88 Team
1: Velocity Tracker, TL High Yield MP, TL Smart Missile System
2: Velocity Tracker, TL High Yield MP, TL Smart Missile System

Hammer Head
Submnition Rounds, TL Smart Missile System, Seeker Missile, Disruption Pod, Blacksun Filter

Exactly 1850 total. I'll be testing (and probably tweaking) the list in the two monthly events at Millennium Games in the months running up to the event plus any games I can get in on the side.

Army Painting Progress

Most of the army has been painted so these next two months should not be a hassle but here is what I will be working on leading up to the GT:
Riptide: Primed and started painting
XV88s with High Yield MPs: Built
Pathfinder Squad: Primed

Riptide is being painted before full assembly.

High Yield Missile Pod Broadsides.

The rest of my army is ok but once the above are finished I will go back and touch up some of the models and add highlights to bring them back to a GT level of painting.

Terrain for the GT

Each year the Da Boyz allow players to bring terrain to the event for everyone to play on. I like this aspect of the event as it allows for a wide variety in terms of the gaming environment and it cuts down on the "cookie-cutter" terrain that you see at most other events. In the past I brought my railyard table, city ruins, and ancient jungle ruins. This year I plan on bringing the Tyranid terrain that I have been working on plus a new table that I will be starting in the next week or so. The theme that I finally settled on for the new table will be a Necron "Necropolios". I have sketched out the basic layout and have bought most of the supplies so look for future updates as the GT countdown continues.


  1. Wow man that's a cool list. 3 elites, fast, and heavy with 4 troops and a lot of uncommon units. I hope you do well with it.

    Can't wait to see your next terrain project as well. Keep us udated either here or on the forums.

    1. Yeah, we will see how the list performs next weekend. It has a lot of potential but it also can fold very easily. I'm trying to include a mobile element to the list rather than just relying on a gun line so we will see how it pans out over the next couple of months.

  2. Sniper kroot will be your best friend vs alot of things like wraithknights and other MC'S if only you could beef up the unit a bit. The list looks pretty good although I would drop skyfire on the rail-sides and add it to the riptide which has interceptor but no skyfire currently. Also the longstrike upgrade for hammerheads is awesome IMO. cant wait to get some games in next weekend I'll see you there!

  3. My idea is to join the commander with one of the broadside squads and his mss will allow their shots to ignore cover, thus negating any jink saves. The intercept on the riptide should hopefully take care of any deepstrikers trying to land in my backfield. But this is all theory until i get in some test games.

    I wish i had more kroot models to bump them up. Maybe i'll see about getting more after some test games.

    1. I really like this list - it is unconventional but brings a ton of diverse shooting. You really have an answer for just about anything. It looks to me like those Fire Warriors will probably spend a lot of time in reserve while the shooty/durable elements wreck enemy firepower.

      I really do not want to play this list - especially the High Yield missile pods.