Monday, September 23, 2013

Da Boyz GT: T - 8 Weeks

The last week has seen a big emphasis on Battle Reports for the previous weekend's tournament.  One of my big takeaways form the tournament was I desperately need to get the rest of my units painted - having black primed Flesh Hounds really hurt my painting score and almost cost me my second place finish.  In fact, a fully painted army may have secured a first place finish for the tournament.

I managed to get a basecoat on all of the flesh hounds so far - that is with a brush still since I have not had time to really break into the airbrushing since my last article.

I am planning to paint these guys just like my daemonettes, which means they got hit with Dwarf Flesh then a wash of Reikland Flesh.  Now I am going to work the shade up with Elf Flesh and Rotting Flesh to give them a bit of a pale look.

Here is a closeup of one after its mane has been hit with a second layer of Xerus Purple.  I am going to bring the color up with some progressive layers of Xerus mixed with Bleached Bone.  Hopefully I will have a fully completed set to show off by next week - this week is already slated for a significant amount of painting.

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