Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Da Boyz GT: T - 9 Weeks - Crispy

     The last two weeks have flown by with hobby time taking the back burner. School has started for the Kiddo, and this past weekend I missed out on the monthly Millennium tournament in favor of supporting my wife and her sister as they tackled a 5K Zombie Mud Run. I was content hanging out with my daughter as a spectator. Aside from that, Gymnastics for my girl has also started up and I've gotten my fair share of weird looks from the other parents when I pull out the Citadel Paint Station and start working on Night Goblins. Hey, I have an hour to burn and things to do, stop giving me dirty looks. 


     In terms of hobby stuff, I've managed to start up a few projects for the GT and I've also found a few that help me procrastinate. If you're interested in more Orc and Goblin stuff, check it out below the fold. 
     First off, Night Goblins. Thank you Grubnards! I'm going with the 2 tone look. Red tops, with dark grey/black robes. I was leaning that way, but after those examples you put up, I was pushed over the edge. 
     One new things I tried with these guys is using actual airbrush paint (red) from Hobby Lobby. I gotta say that the airbrush specific paint makes everything super easy. Easy cleanup, easy flow, no clogs. 

     I also finished some patch-up work on my Arachnarok spider base. I didn't feel that the edging of the base was up to snuff, so I went back and fleshed it out. I still need to add the tree, and make sure the transition between the base and tree is seemless.

     Tangentially related, I just received a pair of precision stainless steel gaming dice from Amber Rix's Kickstarter project. I missed out one her Precision Machine Dice Kickstarter (which are now being produced), but I thought these dice were still pretty cool.

     While it's not for the GT, I just couldn't put down the following models. The animosity Orcs looks great and they were a blast to put together.

     Gorbad Ironclaw is another one of those badass models that I couldn't put down. Here's one thing that I don't miss: Pewter. At least the gaps were small, and the model is properly weighted.

    Here's a little something I'm working that I'm hoping to feature on the blog in the coming months. This is my Necron sigil that I made for my emerging Necron army. I've been experimenting with a number of color schemes, but I haven't settled on one yet.
     That's it for me. I'm hoping to wrap up the night goblins in the next few weeks and move onto the trolls and movement trays. Take it easy,



  1. The Arachnid base looks really awesome. I like the Black/Red general scheme for the Necrons too. I feel like ti needs another color - but I am not sure what that might be.

  2. So here are some of my color ideas.

    Red/Black w/ Grey bodies/metallic joints - The main body of the crons will be grey (ceramic) looking body parts, with black and red as the main accent color. I like the red because I can use orange and yellow for highlights.

    Yellow/Brown w/ Sandstone bodies/metallic joints - I like this combo as well, but I feel that the yellow can only be highlighted by white. I don't like to hit the end of a color spectrum. I like the option to go higher.

    I have to pound of a few test models.

    1. I think black and red looks really striking on necrons. Check out garfy's 'crons on Tale of Painters sometime. I'd vote for option #1, tho I'd support another if it's vastly different than your nids.

      That "sigil" looks big? Is it going to be a display board?

    2. The Tale of Painter's Crons look really cool, but I think that I'll go with more red, and have it as a fade from the edges, instead of just a edge highlight.

      The Sigil is just something I banged out to test different paint schemes. I'll use the sigil itself scaled down in my army, but the peice I made above is just gonna be something that hangs out at home.