Monday, September 2, 2013

Da Boyz GT: T - 11 Weeks - Calypso2ts

Hyv3mynd started up the countdown last week to Da Boyz Gt here.  he may be the only one willing to admit it is so close with all the preparation still required by many of us.  I have been struggling with a list for Da Boyz - which has some light composition requirements.  No more than 4 flyers or flying monstrous creatures and no entry can be replicated more than twice except troops.

Composition requirements have received a lot of flack over the last several years, but I really enjoy playing in the environment that emerges when players are compelled to bring a bit more diversity to their lists.  The list I settled on this year (for now?) for Da Boyz includes:

Herald of Khorne on Juggurnaut w/ Exalted

5x Fiends of Slaanesh
5x Fiends of Slaanesh

18x Daemonettes
10x Horrors
10x Horrors

Fast Attack
18x Seekers of Slaanesh
17x Flesh Hounds

Heavy Support
Skull Cannon
Skull Cannon

I originally included Soul Grinders and Screamers in this list, but as it evolved I found I wanted more raw assault ability.  I know that common knowledge is that 6th edition is a shooting edition, but I have always preferred assault oriented armies that can really push opponents to make mistakes.  Typically I have won games as Daemons in a single turn that crushes the opponent - a coup de grace that I love to see come together.

Last year my list included 9x Screamers, and 12x Fiends to do the heavy lifting for my army.  I did a brief comparison of this years list compared to last - in terms of hitting power in assault.  Given the hit Fiends took and how strong screamers were, I was concerned that I might not have the power to take down opponents - especially MEQ/TEQ in assault.  I did some quick calculations and included the Fiends, Flesh Hounds and Seekers.  I assumed that no units got the charge.

To my surprise, even under these very favorable conditions when consider last year's list, the list I plan to bring this year can put out a significant amount more damage in assault.  I did leave out the two Soul Grinders and Skull Cannons for these calculations.  Those units seldom made it into assault in most cases.

I know the Fiends are an unconventional choice but there are a few reasons I like them.  Their Disruptive Song is one of the best anti-psyker abilities in the game.  Being able to drop a psyker by 9 leadership can severely disrupt many opponents - and it helps when faced with a Grey Knight opponent.  Their Soporofic Musk also provide durability for my other units - since Fiends should almost always be charging in conjunction with other units.  A bonus feature of Musk is units that rely on Hit and Run (I am looking at your Farsight) to survive will be testing on I1 due to the Fiends hit.  If they do hit and run the next turn, they just set themselves up for another charge.  They are also fast enough to be the (un)lucky recipients of overwatch fire - something their 3 wounds a piece and T4 is well suited to handle.

With respect to the Skull Cannons - 6th edition is the cover edition.  That is in spite of the fact that most cover saves went down form 4+ to 5+, there are many more ways to generate 3+ or 2+ cover saves on units.  Aegis lines even encourage the use of frail units with poor leadership whose sole purpose is to go to ground behind the line and hold objectives.  Against Guardsmen (or worse) the Cannons can wreck with their AP 5 and ignores cover.  Even against vehicles - especially skimmers, their S8 is almost as good as a Soul Grinder Phlegm shot.  The loss of the extra dice is probably madeup for by ignoring cover.  Their ability to provide the plethora of Beasts and Cavalry in this army also ensure their survival and has nice synergy with the -5 I from the fiends.

With respect to durability last year I brought 42 T4 wounds to the table in my assault units.  This year I have 63 T4 wounds and 18 T3 wounds.  The ability to bring more damage to the table this year is really based on the point reductions that the new Daemon codex brought to the troops section of the book - since I had significantly more points invested in troops under the previous codex.  Unfortunately, less points means more bodies to paint this year.  My painting goals for the GT are once again ambitious and include the following:

18x Flesh Hounds - Primed
18x Seekers - Mounts painted, Riders Primed
1x Skull Cannon - Near Completion
1x Skull Cannon - Primed

Last week I made a lot of progress on the Skull Cannons.  Here are some pictures of the nearly complete Skull Cannon.

Naturally this Skull Cannon is on its way to obtaining a Slaanesh dedication.  It is painted with Purple, Teal and Green - consistent with the color scheme for my army.  I also paint all my Bloodletters white - I like the idea that they are fallen Dark Eldar wyches transformed to Slaanesh's service.

There are a few unfinished elements - the swords will be green and the horns are not done.  That is my goal for tomorrow, so I can start the second cannon.  My goal for completion on the second is a fast turnaround of 1 week.


  1. Nice to know my recent purchase of a Skull Cannon was probably a good idea. Any spells worth casting on it, or is there little you can do to improve a BS5 large blast that ignores cover? I'm planning on using it to shoot the targets my Bloodcrushers are about to charge, and to add some threat against the 4+ cover Wave Serpents that are causing me so much grief.

    1. I do not plan to buff it up at all before shooting. Prescience is great for the BS 3 Soul Grinder, but pelting a unit with a BS 5 Large Blast is going to hit a large portion of the time. Since it takes an 8 to get the large blast marker off a vehicle (typically 2.5" is enough scatter for them to miss provided it is in the right direction) - the Skull Cannon will only miss around 2/9 of the time (2/3 chance to scatter and 1/3 chance to scatter 8" or more.

      I really like the Cannon for picking off units that rely on that Stealth/Shrouded property to stay safe. Anything leveraging invisibility, Nurgle Daemons, Conceal Warlocks/Seers, the list goes on in 6th edition.

  2. That's a brutal list and I'm positive you'll be a beast behind the wheel. It's a really good anti-meta list as well. Tau and Eldar will have a hard time dealing with 4 units of beasts and cavalry backed up by fateweaver. The cannons really are gold with so many 2+ cover saves in the current meta.

    I can't think of too many lists that will be a hard counter for this. Maybe a new marine centurian heavy list will be tough, but not many people will figure out that codex by November.

    1. This list has seen significant revision from my original version - and I hope it plays out to be unique and (naturally) crushing. I think my biggest concern is really a Land Raider heavy list or a flyer heavy list. I really left my tools to deal with them at home - since there are not great tools for Daemons anyway.

      I have 1 week to get the second Skull Cannon in playable shape (and same with the Flesh Hounds). One change I think I may make is to lose 1 Hound for a Locus of Fury (Rage). It gives the hounds unit 68 S5 WS 5 attacks at I4 on the charge - which is really my answer to terminators/centurions.