Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Grubnards GT Countdown T-10 weeks

This past week I was able to make progress on painting my riptide. I've finished the legs, torso, and head and I've now started on the jet pack. My goal is to get the base coats finished by Thursday so that I can assemble the model in time for this weekends tournament at Millennium Games. I also primed my broadsides and hope to get at least 1 coat of paint on them in time for the weekend as well. The format for this weekend's event is 1850 pts and I believe just book missions but many of us will be using this format to test out our GT lists. I am hoping to get a feel for how my army plays and learn what works and what does not. To see what I will be bringing to the tournament you can see my list here.
 Here are some other shots of the Riptide.

You can see in the above shot that I am using the old metal head that came with the Tau Crisis Suit commander kit that GW released in 4th edition. The heads included in the riptide kit just seemed too small when mounted on a large body so I opted to use this head. I should be able to have the jet packs and arms glued on by Wednesday and then that gives me a day or so to put a base coat on my broadsides.

On an unrealted note, last week I picked up "Marks of Calth." This is a Horus Heresy collection of short stories that deals with events and characters that take place in the time period of the Word Bearer's invasion of the Calth system. "Know No Fear" was probably my favorite Horus Heresy novel to date and the Word Bearers books by Anthony Reynolds is also one of my favorite series in the Black Library so this was a no-brainer to pick up. 
Many of the stories are penned by my favorite Black Library authors such and Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Dan Abnett, Graham McNeill, and Anthony Reynolds. But rather than reading through the book from front to back I skipped right ahead to the Anthony Reynolds story about Marduk, from the Word Bearers anthology. Marduk is hands down my favorite anti-hero in 40k fiction and is the ultimate bad ass. The short story, titled "Dark Heart" revolves around Marduk and his start on his quest for power. I won't go into details in case you have not read it yet but in this story Marduk has not been in the legion that long and is still looked down upon by the older legion members. His quest for power leads him to make choices and embrace powers that others within the legion are hesitant to do and this helps shed light on Marduk and flesh out his character for those who are familiar with the Word Bearers books. For those who have read the Word Bearers books, Burias also makes and appearance in the book as a novitiate in the Word Bearers. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the stories during the course of this week. 

Next week I'll provide more updates on my painting and terrain schedule as well as a recap of this weekends tournament. I'll bring my camera along and attempt to get in some pictures of my games and provide a recap of what worked and does not work in my list.


  1. Looks sweet as most of your work does! Pretty pumped for this weekend its been weeks since I've played and I need to get warmed up for my best general award at this years GT! And from what I understand GT missions will just be slightly modified book missions this year so this months tourney should be great practice

  2. Looks good - I am pushing to get everything into a playable state by Saturday as well. I hope the GT missions are a bit more creative than slightly modified book missions, I loved 2 years ago when we had Poker Face and Hot Potato as really cool variant missions.

    1. Hey those were the missions I wrote. I agree that unusual missions are a lot of fun especially in the comp/theme format but they must be balanced. I tried really hard but some of them still had issues. And it just doesn't feel right since I want to win the whole thing and writing the missions creates a conflict of interest.

      Great progress on the riptide in a short period of time. I have a lot of respect for someone who can tackle a large model like that without an airbrush. The large flat surfaces are really hard to paint uniform without brush strokes. I really love the riptide model too. I want to add some police tau to my gk but I'm going to wait until the tau-hate fades a bit.

      Keep up the good work.