Monday, September 9, 2013

Da Boyz GT: T - 10 Weeks - Calypso2ts

This week has been a tough one to get a lot of preparation completed for Da Boyz - with the Fall rounding out and cars that need maintenance, driveways that need repair and other assorted (neglected) home projects I did not get a chance to hit the paintbrush as much as I would have liked.  In spite of that, I made enough time to push forward some significant progress - with the goal towards having the army ready to go by the monthly tournament at Millenium Games.  I had a chance to clean up the basement - and my gaming area - this week with all the other chores so I could snap a shot of my Daemons laid out across the table:

Unfortunately, for the moment the Flesh Hounds are stuck with 7 members still on the default fantasy bases.  I need to procure another 7 40 mm bases before the GT starts- and I hope no one minds this weekend.  Technically these are the bases they are shipped with and I do not think there is any real advantage to using the round vs rectangular bases.

I also snagged a closeup of the different sides of the army to get a sense for how the colors were working out.

On the back left is the Skull Cannon I am working on - I spent this afternoon working on the Yack that is pulling it - I am using an Ogre Kingdoms model with the Herald of Khorne that came with my other Skull Cannon/Blood Throne.  I think it is a good use for the Throne on the back and I can picture the Yakk munching down on enemies to regain HP's (Hull/Hit Points).  Here is a closeup of the Cannon itself - it is one of my experiments with painting NMM.

I built this up from a basecoat of Calthan Brown and using Snakebite Leather, Bleached Bone and a wash of Black, Puple and Yellow at various points during the process.  The bright points are small spots of Skull White to emphasize glare off the cannon.  I may have spent too much time on it, but the barrel of the Skull Cannon really makes this particular model.  The Yak underneath is grey know but will work up to white with Emperor's Children being drybrushed afterward on his extremities to give a Slaanesh look.

The other side of the field shows some Seeker Casualties, I have found these models tend to explode on you which is part of the reason it has taken me so long to get them painted.  I think 4 of the next 10 weeks are going to be devoted to painting these guys.

Finally a shot of the center of the army - this is what enemy models will see coming towards them this weekend:

The Daemon in the background is the Slaanesh inspired Fateweaver I use - she was sculpted by Cersi on Dakka and I finally finished painting her earlier this year.  The Herald of Khorne is also now sporting a Locus of Fury to provide his puppies Furious Charge.  Finally, I have been working on a few extra heralds and Plague Bearers in case the Dark Gods grant me possession of an enemy psyker or a new unit appearing from the Warp.


  1. Looking good! I have yet to face a daemon army since the new book came out. Maybe we will get to face each other on Saturday.

    1. I think the only game we have ever gotten against one another was my a pickup with Daemons and your Word Bearers. Otherwise we seem to always dodge one another. In fact I have never met hyv3 or Crimaathan either - and onyl played Crispy at the PTGRTS 1500 pointer.