Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Blogroll

As most of you know I've been super busy this month with final painting and preparations for DaBoyz GT.  Despite my lack of blog content, the gears are still spinning at full speed.  I just haven't had a moment of free time to sit down and write any theory or tactics articles.

Several of the bloggers I follow are producing articles which verbalize some of the thoughts I've been having recently so I thought I'd highlight them.  Give them a read if you have a chance, it's all good stuff.

From the 11th Company regarding tyranids <click>.

11th Company on fighting Grey Knights.

TGM from the Back 40k takes tyranids to a tournament.

Yermom (NOVA Invitational winner) takes tyranids to Blob's Park and earns top battle points.

Zenith highlighting on From the Warp.  This is the technique I'm using on my GK.

Also, stay tuned for an interview with Brent from Strictly Average and possibly a spotlight on BoLS!

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