Sunday, October 23, 2011

DaBoyz GT - Quick Recap

The event is over and was a success in my opinion.  I got to meet gamers from Texas to Boston and one cool dude who flew in from London for the GT.  It was great to see John, Wyatt, Greg, Nick, and Paul from the ETC team and catch up with them.  Some other bloggers were also present such as Goatboy (BoLS), Stillfrosty (White Scars), and Empchild (Akersminis) and it's always cool to chat it up with other bloggers from around the country.

Long story short, I went 2-2-2 for the weekend.  The actual scores were 20-15, 35-0, 10-10, 10-25, 10-25, 17-17.  My pairings were against Grey Knights, Chaos Marines, Imperial Guard, Grey Knights, Space Marines, and Eldar.  My third and fourth games were against some of the ETC guys, Paul and John and were the toughest games of the weekend.  I'm surprised I got any points at all those games.

The good news is I comped in a 98/110 and 55/70 in painting which put me up to 14th overall out of 92 players.  I did end up winning two awards which were player voted which is cool, 2nd best table (terrain), and 2nd best army theme.  I ended up with two boxes of ruins/terrain, a trygon, and a carnifex.  That's right all you haters, my Nids will get some love soon.

I'll be entering GT recovery mode for a week or so as I avoid even thinking about anything 40k and cleanse myself.  Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes and compliments on the army.  I was extremely happy with my awards.  I built and painted my GK army to fulfill a long time fantasy of playing a future-police army and didn't even think I would be in the running for theme against the caliber of hobbyists that attended.


  1. Oh, forgot to mention the team event. I lost the roll-off in game one, but ended up with our best pairings anyway. I faced off against a compy (like mine) BA list and won 18-2. The team ended up with 71/80 and we were actually the top team for one round.

    Our second match was against Greg's (ETC) team, "The Tools from Toledo". We got pairings that we wanted and I ended up against John's (ETC) GK and lost 3-17. The team as a whole bombed and we ended up with 11/80.

    Third round saw us with a chance of placing if we got another round of massacres, but we fought a really evenly matched team and most of us had terrible pairings. I ended up against an ork list with Ghaz, kff, 3 rolla wagons, 12 burnas, 80 boyz, and some lootas. And there was me with no purifiers. Oh yeah, it was a 5 objective mission. I pulled some crazy maneuvers blocking the wagons and taking side shots and ended up barely winning 13-7. The team was all over the place and we finished that match 41-39.

    We were 6th out of 12 teams at the end but we had fun and I was pretty stoked with 2 wins, especially against a 100+ ork list.

  2. Aaron, who is Paul that you are talking about? There is no Paul on or was on the ETC team.

    At any rate, it was nice meeting up with you in person and I look forward to actually getting a game in against you at some point. Im sorry that you had to face Jon twice, that is just some bad luck right there if I must say.

  3. Wasn't Paul Miglino (sp) on the 2010 team?

  4. You are completely right. I have no idea what I was thinking! However I have never met Paul so that is why I was partially confused lol

  5. Final results are up here:

    I'm pretty pleased with the overall results. It's a victory for the comp crowd IMO. Others will come up with "yeah, but"s, but I see 7 old codexes out of the top 10. We saw army diversity you wouldn't believe.

    The Tau player was using am Ionhead in his super compy list, beat one of the ETC guys head-on, and would have been in the top 10 with a better painting score.

    Did you notice Necrons took 8th overall? That was Chris Courtney, the same guy that took best general at the ATC with a hybrid eldar list that had no dupes except guardians. He beat a low comp Draigowing with pariahs and a tank shocking monolith. His list was another "rainbow" with no dupes except warriors.

    Anyways, look over the scores and share your impressions.

  6. Hey now! Your team didn't bomb overall in against the Toledo boys! My game against Drop Logan wing was pretty damn good. We tied primary, he won secondary, and we tied the third objective!

    I don't get much credit, so gimme it where it's dueee!!! LOL.

    Good games against all our opponents, those Toledo guys are damn good, hope to play against them some more.

  7. LOL, sorry Andy. I didn't mean to diminish your performance. You scored more than myself and the other two combined that round. You were the hero of the match.

    The sad thing is most of us got the pairings we wanted. Even my bs10 plasma cannons couldn't beat John's GKs.

    Those guys are true professionals of the 40k community and they definitely prove their skill every time I face off across from one of them. I'm glad they represent us at the ETC.