Thursday, October 20, 2011

Grey Knights: DaBoyz GT 2011 Project Army *Complete!*

With 2 days left until the GT begins, I've finally put the finishing touches on the army I've been building for this event since May.  This week, I created some smoke clouds to use as wreck markers for my 4 vehicles.  There is actually a flickering LED in the base of each cloud so they look like a burning fire.  They also jazz up my display board a bit.

I also painted a chimera for my henchman squad.

My razorback got a magnetized hunter killer missile.

I slapped some ruins bitz on my storm raven base.  I'm actually pretty pleased with the outcome.  I dry brushed in some teal patches on the bronze to resemble a patina like some of the new fantasy ogres have in the recent White Dwarf photos.  You probably can't see it here, but check it out in person if you pass me by at the GT.

I finished all the infantry bases, added some faint OSL glow/reflections on the bases closest to the force weapons, and finished the army with a finecast techmarine (grenade dispenser).  I gave him a blue weapon like the henchmen have as it's just a power weapon.  The libby also has blue so you can tell him apart from the normal terminators easier.  I wanted the army-wide impression to be black and white with red and blue weapons to give a strong police feeling.

Anyways, that's all of it.  I hope you enjoyed following my progress as much as I enjoyed painting the army.  I should be able to pump out battle reports from the event over the next few weeks as I recover from the 40k burn-out I will no doubt experience after 6 months of solid painting and the 9 games I'll be playing.

As of Tuesday morning, there were 96 registered for the GT and 12 teams of four signed up for the team event with many more looking to join up.  We may break 100 players for the GT and 14 teams by the time all the laggers get in the system or show up at the door.  This will make it the largest showing ever and should be a great time!


  1. Wow! That is one impressive army you got there and then outta(for me) no where! I really like the white on the army, it goes very well with the metals and black and the objective markers are just simply golden!

  2. Great job there mate - love the theme ofthe army and the paintjob. I'd love a tutorial on your wreck markers as they look relatively easy for a great effect.

    Goodluck at the tourney!

  3. Looks fantastic! I really like the explosion markers and how they work as a backdrop for your display board. Good luck!

  4. Goodluck, man! I am an even bigger fan of the paint and theme of your knights than I am of your Nids, they look amazing!

  5. I know it is a bit late, but good luck in the tourney tomorrow. Even us IG players from the Lone Star state are willing to give support to those who deserve it, and you most definitely do deserve it. Love the army and cant wait to hear on the results!

  6. You put a really awesome army together, I really like the theme! OSL painting is really awesome, I hope one day I can learn how to do that :)
    Good luck on the GT, we are waiting for the battle reports :)

  7. The final army and the display board look amazing.

    Well done, its nice to see all of your hard work and dedication pay of in a amazing looking army.

  8. Thanks everyone. I ended up scoring 55/70 in painting. I lost some points for no conversions and probably not enough free-hand or whatever, but that was way higher than I ever thought I could.

    I ended up winning the 2nd place Theme award which was awesome. I painted them up as police for personal reasons and enough people liked it enough to vote for it. Someone told me it may have been a margin of 2 votes between me and the top theme army, which was a beautiful mono-tzeench CSM army with daemons, spawn, and 1k sons.

    It turns out my 55/70 in painting also tied me for 4th out of 91 which blew my mind. I guess I need to work on some conversions and shoulder pads and I may be able to compete for painting.