Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DaBoyz GT - BoLS Deep

Well , GT week has arrived!  The icing on my GT adventure is an interview with Brent and army discussion on Bell of Lost Souls!  Check it out *HERE*.  Jay also answered some questions about the GT and you can see some pics of his famous "creamsicle nids".
I also released my super secret army list in the interview.  Feel free to discuss it.  Can you spot the stealth cheese?

Librarian + sanctuary, shrouding, might of titan, quicksilver, vortex of doom
Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor + psyocculum, servo skull
Henchmen - 2 crusaders, 1 death cult assassin, 2 plasma cannon servitors, 1 heavy bolter servitor, 1 jokaero, 2 acolytes w/ melta, 2 naked acolytes, chimera
Techmarine + psykotroke grenades, rad grenades, blind grenades
5 Terminators - 1 warding stave, 1 halberd, 1 hammer, 1 psycannon, brotherhood banner
10 Strike Knights - 2 psycannons
5 Strike Knights - 2 halberds, 1 hammer, 1 psycannon, razorback w psybolt ammo, hunter killer
Storm Raven + typhoon missiles, lascannons
Dreadnought + 2x tl autocannons, psybolt ammo
Nemesis Dreadknight + teleporter, heavy incinerator
I finished the army!  I just need to put finishing touches on the storm raven base and then I'll be grinding out some terrain up until the event.  This will probably  be my last post until after the event.  Wish me luck and introduce yourself if see me or my army at the event!


  1. I like yout list a lot though tau representing an anime mech army. Maybe when the new codex comes out.

    See you on friday.

  2. Best of luck at the tournament and congrats on the BoLS interview. Also, nice banner picture you've got up there now.

  3. Thanks guys.

    @POK ~ Are you going to be at the GT?

    Goatboy did a great job on my banner. I requested a GK fighting a Nid with both representing my color schemes and I'm thrilled with it.

    @Stillfrosty ~ Tau were actually one of my two choice armies when I was coming back to 40k. I opted to go with Nids after talking to some store staff since the codex was new back then. I'd still love to build a Tau army, but I'm over painting black & white. I'll have to dream up a new color scheme for that project.

    In the meantime, I have a couple Nid concepts I want to work on, especially if my ATC team will be inviting me to join them again. I've also been laying the framework for an "Evil Circus" themed DE army that I would love to execute.

  4. Wow, I hate typing on the phone. That statement I left up there sounds like I am an idiot...

    Oh well..

    I am actually looking forward to the ATC next year. I did not attend this year as I did not get asked to be apart of anyone's team. But assuming this team event goes well, I can see that changing.

    An evil circus themed army sounds very interesting. I sure hope that you would be including a few units of clowns in your army!!!

    Also, are you using nids or gk for the team event? If using nids, it would be a great time to practice those concepts you are talking about.

  5. Clowns in the dark circus for sure. I'm thinking a webway portal list with harlies for a delivery unit. Court of the archon, beasts, scourges, and grotesques would all be a part of the freak show. I'm dying to get a box of ogres and try to make them in to grotesques painted like evil clowns.

    I don't currently have enough gargoyles to play the Nid concepts I've been mulling over. I'd need 60 or 90 hehe. Right now it's a toss-up between my ATC nids as they're already painted or GK.

  6. hy3mynd: I haven't gone before, and I would have liked to go this year, but I have too much schoolwork to do on weekends right now. I have a friend who's gone a few times and says it's a great time. Probably be able to go to the Jan or Feb millenium games tournies I would hope.

  7. Good luck brosef !! Youve got one heck of a sweet looking army !!

    : )


  8. The interview was great, congrats on getting a BoLS spotlight. Good luck and I'll be eagerly awaiting your return to the blog-o-sphere!