Saturday, October 29, 2011

DaBoyz GT - Team Event Game #2

This team event consisted of 4 players per team with an ETC style pairing system.  Each player must use a different codex and there was no comp for this event.  I didn't get enough practice time with my GK's as I was painting so much so I decided to bring them even though the list was designed for comp.

My list:
Librarian + shrouding, sanctuary, might of titan, quicksilver, warp rift, vortex of doom
Hereticus Inquisitor + servo skull, psyocculum
Henchmen - 2 crusaders, 1 assassin, 2 plasma cannons, 1 hvy bolter, 2 melta, 1 jokaero, 2 acolytes
Techmarine + psykotroke, rad, blind grenades
10 Strike Knights + psybolts, 2 psycannons
5 Strike Knights + 2 halberds, 1 hammer, 1 psycannon
Razorback + psybolts
5 Terminators + banner, psycannon, halberd, hammer, stave
Storm Raven + typhoon missiles, lascannons
Nemesis Dreadknight + teleporter, hvy incinerator
Dreadnought + autocannons, psybolts
Dreadnought + autocannons, psybolts

After scoring 71/80 as a team during round #1, we went to the top set of tables and end up pairing off against a nightmare of a team.  Greg Sparks (ETC) and his eldrad/maugan footdar, Jon W. (ETC) and his GK, Mike M. (ETC) and his logan bombs SW, and Brandon V. (stillfrosty) and his white scars.  After the rolls and pairings, I would be fighting Jon's GK.  Last year when we paired off at the GT, I eeked out a very minor victory with some insanely lucky dice.  This year we both have different armies and some new tricks I'm sure.

The mission was cap'n'control (primary 8bps), kill points (4bps), and victory points (8bps) with pitched battle deployment.  Jon won the roll and elected to go first.  

His list (approx):
Grand Master + psyko, rad grenades
Librarian + several powers
Tech Marine + psyko, rad grenades
Purifiers x9 + 2 psycannons, 6 halberds, hammer
Strike Knights x10 + 2 psycannons, rhino
Terminators x10 + 2 psycannons, 2 hammers, banner, 7 halberds
Stormraven + multi-melta, lascannons, extra armor
Dreadnought + autocannons, psybolts
Dreadnought + autocannons, psybolts

*Pics are blurry because we were in a darker corner on a black table so I apologize.  Jon's army is a beautiful fully-converted admech "counts-as" GK.  The pictures suck so there's no real point explaining which models count as what.*

Jon bolsters one of his ruins and deploys his 2 dreads and 10 terminators with GM inside with his objective.  He uses grand strategy to make one dread and the purifiers scoring.  He reserves the strike squad.  The libby, tech marine, and 9 purifiers go in the stormraven out of sight on the left.

 I reinforce the ruin on my left and put my objective and 10 strike knights in it.  Both dreads are there with an empty chimera and henchmen in the crater.  I realized too late that the central ruin has no windows and my bs10 servitors will not have many shots all game.  My dreadknight and razorback with 5 knights are on the far right.  I put the 5 terminators with the techmarine in the stormraven in reserve.

The pic above is actually during turn 1, where Jon moved his stormraven 12" over and dropped 4 mind strike missiles on my librarian, removing him in the first 2 minutes of the game.  Wow that was a noob mistake on my part.

During my turn, I'm able to kill a couple terminators with the bs10 (psyocculum) henchmen.  His stormraven makes a couple cover saves, and my only damage result is a stun (but he bought extra armor).  Oh yeah, my dreadknight took a wound jumping into ruins also.

Jon's turn 2 sees the stormraven zooming up 24" straight for my lines.  We start a dread on dread firefight and he immobilizes and stuns one of my riflemen.

His 10 man strike squad arrived from reserves and unloads to try for some psycannon shots.  He stuns my chimera.

At the top of my 2nd turn, my stormraven arrives with reinforcements and I fly it right up to his and unload the unit inside.

I literally pour my entire army into that stormraven.  I get a couple damage results with weapon destroys and immobilize it.  I end up having to assault it with my terminators and wreck it, but now I'm standing like an idiot 1" away from all his purifiers.

Jon puts another wound on the dreadknight and wrecks my razorback.  He sends in the purifiers with libby and tech marine and I pull the second noob mistake of the night, blowing up my tech marine trying to cast hammerhand.  My terminators disappear.

This is a turning point in the game.  I fire my entire army into his purifiers including mindstrike missiles and kill his libby and 7 purifiers, leaving 2 and his tech marine.  I try to assault the survivors, but have to roll for the guys on the first floor and only get 3" which isn't enough. 

We continue our shootout and my dreadknight goes down.  Jon assaults my 10 strike knights with his 2 purifiers and tech marine.  His grenades make my guys hit each other, he kills 3 with cleansing flame, and 3 with halberds.  I kill his tech marine, lose by 5, and my last scoring unit on this half of the board runs away.

That pretty much sealed the primary objective for him.  I tried to get my chimera and stormraven over to contest his objective, but he shot them both down.  I was able to get his terminators, purifiers, and one dread.  At the bottom of turn 7, I was down 1 kp and got 2 pens through cover on his last rifleman, but was unable to wreck it.

I ended up losing objectives and kill points.  Jon had me slightly on victory points so I was able to get 3 points at least.  It was a close game in the beginning, but Jon outplayed me.  Losing 10 strike knights to 2 purifiers and a tech marine really hurt!  Greg's eldar ended up beating Joe's eldar 20-0, Brandon's white scars beat Trevor's SW 20-0, Mike's SW pulled a minor victory over Andy's SM earning 12-8, and my game was 17-3 in Jon's favor.

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