Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Grey Knights: DaBoyz GT 2011 Project Army *sneak preview*

Just a quick update this week.  I was finishing bases until 2am last night for an interview with Brent/BoLS so keep an eye out for that.  I figured I would share the pics I took for the interview with you guys first.  I'll discuss the list and theory later.  Click the pics for larger versions/zoom.


  1. Looks great man! Really comes together as a whole! Always nice to see an army that works well together visually.

    But where are the canopies on the SR? Perhaps they were left off to better document the work within?

  2. Yeah, I was hoping to seal the paint job before I install the plastic pieces in case the spray effects them. They'll be going in this week.

  3. Ah yes, it would definitely leave a semi opaque finish, which would be awful. I usually just mask it off, but waiting is a good idea too.

  4. Great work, nice to see them all together as an army.

    What are you using to seal the Miniatures ?

  5. Awesome! I would like a SWAT badge on the Dreadknight, but I'm demanding so...

  6. Aaaand there goes the Tyranid theme...bloody marines. Always stealing the Xeno's light.

  7. I played Nids exclusively for 14 months. I took them to over 10 tournaments on the RTT and GT level. I've written nearly 50 battle reports on my game with Nids with dozens of articles featuring lists and tactics.

    I hardly think documenting my painting of Grey Knights is "stealing the Xeno's light". I haven't written any GK focused tactics or list articles. Dozens of bloggers are doing much better than I ever could covering GK content.

    Nid articles will return shortly after the GT this week. Winning with them is much more satisfying than with GK. Playing a MEQ army for the first time has given me a fresh view and inspirations and I haven't given up on Nids.

  8. Fair enough, but the picture at the top of your blog doesn't really say "Tyranid friendly".

    I know GK are the flavor of the times and currently trample the scene with their insane amount of wargear that allows them to fit every role and counter most of not all. This is nice and the models are awesome as well. I'm just one the players who see the GK as a little over the top.

    One of the "little" things that really pissed me off when I saw the GK codex was the Dreadknight and namely it's pts cost. Compared to a Carnifex (which resembles the Dreadknight the most) it's just so awesome. Carnies got hammered to an insanely high pts cost to keep their statline in spite of their weapons and have them go 1-3. DK are sooo much better and sooo much cheaper.

    Anyway, I'm just one of those guys that are pissed he has to replace his entire Tyranid army because Hive Tyrants, Hormagaunts, Warriors and Fex's are out, as Tervigons, Genestealers and Hive Guard are in.

    I think this blog is great and you've certainly taught me a few things about my 'nids especially concerning tactics :-) Oh, who am I kidding, you taught me 90% of what I know. You really showed me how Tyranids can be played up to par with the other codi out there. Thank you for that. Just don't go ride the GK wave too hard. Or perhaps you could do separate GK blog? That I could ignore :-D

    I mostly play vs a GK and an IG player. The IG player has a hard time coping with the TLOS rules (becuase then his guns has to fight through the 4+ cover save) and the GK player keeps rambling on about how his Gay Knights so awesome and will kick everyone's ass *Sigh* -_-

    And I got the Tyranid codex which probably is the worst 6th ed codex atm. Still hoping for 6th ed to save the Tyranids, but with all the Speeesh Marine love going I doubt it.

  9. Really have to learn to proof read.

    Sorry about the crazy rant. I just think this game is great and your Tyranid blog made me want to field my bugs even more. GW just has a knack for ignoring their customers and go for profit (Tyranid 2nd wave??? DE 4th wave WTF?)

  10. No need to apologize about the rant, we all need to let it out once in a while. About the blog banner, not Tyranid friendly? Really? I commissioned Goatboy to draw it up using a GK and a Nid with my paint scheme and I think he did a stellar job. Don't you think that GK is about to get flattened by that big bug? I do =)

    I've had similar frustrations about Nids over the past year. The codex was no doubt sub-par to any of the other recent books. However, each loss and change in the meta give me new motivation to prove all the nay-sayers wrong and build a new Nid list. I already have a new Nid list on the drawing board, but will have to rely on tournament winnings and ad-clicks to fund it as I will be a daddy in 3 months and cash flow will change drastically.