Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DaBoyz GT - Team Event Game #1

This team event consisted of 4 players per team with an ETC style pairing system.  Each player must use a different codex and there was no comp for this event.  I didn't get enough practice time with my GK's as I was painting so much so I decided to bring them even though the list was designed for comp.

My list:
Librarian + shrouding, sanctuary, might of titan, quicksilver, warp rift, vortex of doom
Hereticus Inquisitor + servo skull, psyocculum
Henchmen - 2 crusaders, 1 assassin, 2 plasma cannons, 1 hvy bolter, 2 melta, 1 jokaero, 2 acolytes
Techmarine + psykotroke, rad, blind grenades
10 Strike Knights + psybolts, 2 psycannons
5 Strike Knights + 2 halberds, 1 hammer, 1 psycannon
Razorback + psybolts
5 Terminators + banner, psycannon, halberd, hammer, stave
Storm Raven + typhoon missiles, lascannons
Nemesis Dreadknight + teleporter, hvy incinerator
Dreadnought + autocannons, psybolts
Dreadnought + autocannons, psybolts

Our first match was against the "Arvard Ard Boyz".  After the roll-off, I was paired against a compy BA list (good for me), Trevor (our SW) was paired against a compy SW list (good for him), Joe (our Eldar) was paired against horde orks, and Andy (our SM) was paired against a 5 vendetta guard list.

The mission was DoW deployment, KP's primary (8bps), 3 objectives secondary (4bps), VP's tertiary (8bps max).  My BA opponent was Seb J. from London, who was an awesome guy to play against.  He also won 3rd best opponent (sports) for the main GT and scored in the top 10% in painting.

Seb's list (approx):
Librarian + jump pack
3 Priests + 2 jump packs, 1 terminator, some weapons
Furioso Dread + frag cannons, hvy flamer, drop pod + homer
Assault Terminators x5 + 4 hammers, 1 claw
Assault Squad x10 + 2 flamers, fist
Assault Squad x10 + 2 meltas, hammer
Assault Squad x5 + laserback
Tactical Squad x10 + lascannon, plasma + laserback
Baal Pred + ac's/hb's
Typhoon Speeder
Predator + auto/las

Seb won the roll and chose to go first.  I bolstered the ruin on the left that straddled the middle line.  Seb then pointed out that it also benefits his units and happily deploys his 10 man Tac squad in cover and on the objective.  Will this prove to be my mistake or intent?  We will never know!

He puts one assault squad in the ruin on the right with the librarian.  Seb is going to deep strike the terminators and second assault squad.  His baal is outflanking.
My servo skull is in the middle and I don't deploy anything, but will bring everything on turn 1.  Seb brings his razorback unit and predator in on the left behind the bolstered ruin and decides to smokes anyways in case I pull storm raven side shots.
His drop pod aims for my side but scatters back a bunch.  He jumps up a sanguinary priest to join the libby's unit and zooms up the typhoon next to them.

I bring nearly everything in on the right.  I decide to fight the librarian's half of the army to take out his psy defense.  
My henchmen got +12" range (24" meltas now) so they zoom up and disembark.  I smoke the chimera and use it to cover one dread from Seb's firing lanes.  Everything else uses the forest for cover, the raven flat-out's, and the dreadknight hugs the table edge to out-range his lascannons.  Shooting on that side explodes the furioso.  On the left side, I've brought in the 10 man strike squad in hopes to distract his forces.  It may be a sacrificial KP or it may be able to grab an objective.  They spot the tac squad and kill the plasma and sarge.

Seb: 0kp, 2 objectives, Me: 1kp, 0 objectives

Seb's baal comes in from reserves.
His second assault squad and terminators also arrive off the homer on the drop pod.
He can just about assault anything in my cluster with the librarian's unit and decides to go after the henchmen.
He double flames the unit, scores 17 wounds, 9 die, I fail my ld10, and 2 kp's run off the board.  Seb stuns the chimera with melta and is unable to damage the storm raven.  His baal kills a few knights on the left.

Well, my null deployment forced him to react to me and now I'm forced to react to his reserves because I know how fast BA can tear through armies. 
The storm raven jumps 12" over the chimera and unloads the terminators and librarian.  The dreadknight jumps up to the libby's unit, the 5 man strike squad jumps out of the razorback to shoot.  My shooting kills a few marines, immobilized and de-weapons the speeder.  On the left, my stationary psycannons blow off the turret of the baal.  A rifleman dread explodes the razorback, kills 2 marines, and they pin.

I assault the libby's unit with the dreadknight and the assault squad the DS'd with my terminators.  The dreadknight kills a couple marines and takes a wound.  The terminators kill 5 marines and lose 2.

Seb - 2kp 1 objective, Me - 1 kp 0 objectives
Seb brings his terminators up to save the day.  On the left, he continues to gun down knights.
He assaults my terminators and chimera.  He's able to kill the librarian and most of my terminators, but the warding stave survives and I kill his priest.  His hammer explodes the chimera.

I move up my surviving strike marines and shoot down more of his tacticals.
On the right, I bring up the 5 man squad with techmarine and prepare to have a grenade party.
The storm raven puts 4 mind strike missiles, 2 frag missiles, and the lascannon into the 3 man squad and finishes them.  My dreads are able to explode his predator and speeder.  In assault, I'm able to kill 2 more priests, the librarian, and half of the assault squad on the right.  Seb is unable to kill the last terminator.

Seb - 4 kp 1 objective, Me - 9 kp 0 objectives

Seb lost a lot of stuff last round and he knows he is in trouble now.  He tries to tank shock the knights on the left with his baal, but immobilizes on terrain.  He tries to gun them down with his remaining tacticals, but several survive.  In assault, my dreadknight and strike squad finish his assault squad.  His terminators kill my last one finally.  My knights on the left assault and break the remaining tacticals, consolidating onto the objective.

He makes one last push for kills.
Seb is able to kill the dreadknight.  My turn brings the demise of the terminators, last assault marine, and tactical squad.  Seb concedes with an immobile baal and pod left.

I end up with kill points and objectives.  Our VP difference gives me 6-2 so I earn an 18-2 victory.  Trevor's wolves win 20-0, Joe's eldar beat horde orks 20-0, and Andy's marines win 13-7.  We get 71/80 possible and are the top seed team going into round #2.  Seb was a real pleasure to play and a true sport even with his dice failing him all game.  I'm glad I got to have a fun round with him before things started going downhill...

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