Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Terrain at DaBoyz GT 2013

The Da Boyz GT has allowed players to bring tables to the event over the past few years and to encourage high quality terrain there is a player voted award for the top 3 best tables at the event.

Some of these tables are Da Boyz mainstays, while others are new tables constructed for the GT or by enthusiastic hobbyists.  Here are a set of photos showing off some of the terrain.  Some of these have working lights and moving parts.  As a teaser, here is a table that lights up:

This table lights up!

Traditional Da Boyz tables still bear the test of time with LOS blocking terrain and cover.

You can see one of the most popular tables behind these, most players at one point had a chance to play on it.  It is called The Bar.

The towers on this one are actually coffee cans - and it breaks down for transport.  The tanks are real Leman Russes - possibly salvaged painting projects?

The Radar array on the left of this table actually spins.  Try that for a cinematic element.  This table also makes you a cup of coffee - that second feature is pending.

If you look closely you can see a set of 3 Leman Russes on the back of this transport train.  A bombing run has ruined some Imperial Guard commanders day.

The tricksy Dark Eldar have rivers of blood across their table - that is probably why they built bridges and platforms.  This table is interesting because while it provides a lot of 4+ cover - it is very difficult to totally block LOS on it.

This table mirrors how it looked outside on Sunday after some lake effect snow.  If you are not from the Great Lakes Region, that means snow that appears with little to no warning and is terrible for building snow forts, snow men or snow balls.

The roofs on these building actually come off - they are magnetized - which lets units pass in and out of the buildings easily.

Best Table

This table won bets table at the event.
Not content with just winning 40k games, the Tau set out to win the prize for Best Table and succeeded.  The lights move up the tower shown, and on the landing pad on the right they beacon towards the center of the pad the way you would expect them to.  Even the small bunker on the left has a nice soft blue light to set the mood.

Dinosaur graveyard?  This is where Heldrakes, Maulerfiends and Forgefiends go to die.  Based on the number of Forgefiends at the event, it appears they went extinct first when the meteor hit.

Crafted by Hyv3mynd, this table showcases his new foam cutter with some very cool crystals.

These two tables have been showcased before on the Blog and icorporate (of all things) aquarium parts.

View of lake from gaming tables 31 to 35. 

Playing on the middle tables is not such a huge disadvantage when you get to look out over the lake.  Earlier in the day there were Hula Dancers - if you do not know if this is a true statement, maybe you should go to Da Boyz next year.


  1. Great looking terrain. It also demonstrates it doesn't take a lot of money (necessarily) to have a nice set of terrain for a table. Did all participants need to bring in one table's worth of terrain for the event? I like the concept and also thinks it may ease some of the TOs expenses and labor. Overall, I like the concept immensely.

  2. Charlie, There is no requirement for anyone to bring terrain to the event. The Da Boyz have always allowed players to bring in terrain and over the past few years more people are getting involved. The award system is simply player based so players get to vote for their top three tables and at the end of the event they hand out awards. I like this system as it allows the event to have a diverse set of tables rather than each table looking the same.

  3. I hate to say it but the pictures somehow do not do justice to how awesome looking the terrain was at the tournament. I played on the Tau board - the lights on the landing pad blink inwards, the one on the building moves up the tower. In contrast one Necron board had a spinning sattelite dish and LED's lighting the inside of a fabrication facility.

    Players really do a great job providing some beautiful boards - and there were actually more tables in reserve that were not needed for the day.

  4. I made the wrecked tank and refinery table. The tanks are Ebay wreckage (crappily treated models from ebay) That I just based and painted.

    Thanks for taking such a good pic of my table. Chris courtney brought 18 tables and ALL of them were amazing. Coming in second to chris is really like coming in first as there is no competition...

  5. Honestly the idea of building and bringing a table's worth of terrain is one of the bigger draws for coming to this tournament. Some really neat tables but I shudder at the thought of trying to play on the DE table =\

    1. Yeah my game 2 of the GT was on the DE table in question. We played a turn and then removed the whole central building. It was just too hard to move my beasts under that mess. It was cool in that it fit the look of my army but not practical in a timed game with no space between tables on the right or left.

      The table competition is really stepping up. I won best table the last two years running and didn't even place this year.