Friday, November 8, 2013

DaBoyz GT - Crunch Time!

Two weeks from today the team event kicks off DaBoyz GT 2013.  I've been painting as much as I can without totally killing myself.  Here's a small hobby update and some thoughts going into the final push.

This week I finished up my two wave serpents.  Well, mostly finished.  I'd like to get some freehand on them someday, but for now they'll have to live without it.

Pretty happy with the way they turned out.

They're pretty similar despite the wide range of colors and airbrushing technique despite being painted on different days.  One of my concerns was making them too dissimilar.

The blended line work around the panels and gems took longer than planned, but I shot myself in the foot when I decided to paint every gem.  The amount of time I spent on these probably sealed the deal on me not finishing the army, but the big pieces will look pretty for deployment at least.

I also finished up the shading, highlights, and bases on the wraithguard.  They're basically done except gems.

One of the cool things that's helped in the painting (and photography) department is a new painting light.

I picked up this LED bulb at home depot and it is bright!  Like, seriously.  Don't look at it when it's on or you'll be seeing spots for a while...  I picked up the highest wattage (17w) and color temp (5000k) and it's like painting on top of a mountain on a cloudless day at high noon.  Very helpful for lessening eye strain while painting and getting light into all the nooks and crannies on a model.

So yeah, the army is coming along but there's no way I can finish now.  A lot of the local guys bust my chops about not finishing every year, but we have to keep perspective that this is a hobby first and foremost.  I don't often go on at length about personal stuff, but "real life" remains the top priority no matter how seriously you take competitive 40k.

Family must remain my first priority.  How can you argue with a wife and son like this?  One thing I learned years ago and try to remember daily is not to judge someone by what little you know of them.  Yes, I may be "the guy who never finishes painting his army" but there's always more behind the scenes.  My wife's health has been deteriorating for over two years now.  It started when she got pregnant.  Months after our son was born, nothing was improving so we started seeking out the help of several specialists.  Surgeries were scheduled and her employer fired her the day after requesting medical leave.  Yup, in NY that's legal as long as they don't give a reason for termination.  It's been a challenging two years without sign of improvement.  Just last week she had another procedure where tissue was removed for cancer screening.  That's a scary wakeup call for someone a mere 27 years old.

I'm not fishing for sympathy.  Just go easy on the guy at the GT with an unfinished army because at the end of the day, it's just a hobby and you don't know what their "real life" is like.

Anyways, enough of that.  Back to the GT!

Ever had a fireplace in your hotel room while traveling to a GT?  I have to hand it to DaBoyz, they landed a killer venue this year.  The Bristol Harbour Resort was entirely blocked out for this year's GT.  Like, the whole thing.  Rooms have fireplaces, there are condos available for large groups, there will be a bar in the main game room, and there's a spa on site.

40k under antler chandeliers with a panoramic view of Canandaigua Lake and the finger lakes wine region?  I'll take it!  Want to be my roomate?  Too bad!  I'm bringing my wife along to get some R&R.

If you're a blog follower and headed to DaBoyz GT, please introduce yourself if you see us!  It's always awesome to meet the face behind an internet name.

I really gotta hand it to DaBoyz.  Last year they had ~86 players in the 40k GT (no comp) and this year they've sold out the event at 120 players while also bringing back comp.  Jay (blog author: DaCock) who is also the GT TO will be my partner for the doubles event on Friday which also sold out.  We're bringing a nasty Eldar/Eldar army but there's some big names signed up like past NOVA winners so who knows how we'll do.  Either way it'll be guaranteed fun as Jay is a true sportsman and always fun to have at the table no matter which side he's standing on.

Some reminders for this year's GT goers:
1.  40k GT lists are due in two days (11/10) don't forget to email them in!
2.  The venue is a bit further out than previous years.  Triple check your army bag so you don't leave any models behind!
3.  Pack warm clothes.  The gaming hall and rooms are all at the resort, but it's going to be cold up in the hills of the finger lakes in two weeks (30's).
4.  Bring a camera and take plenty of pictures.  Part of this is the blogger in me, but it really is nice to have pictures to look back on.  Especially when your memory is failing like mine!

That's it for today.  Next week will be the final pre-GT installment, then batreps a-plenty to follow.


  1. Great write up... I am truly stoked about this year's GT and the venue.

    As for unfinished painting, the way I see it is that no army is ever finished. I've had my word bearers for well over 3 years now and I am still adding highlights, shading, touch-ups, basing, etc... Same with my Eldar, Orc n' Goblin army, Warriors of Chaos army, etc... The only army I own that I am calling finished is my crons... as I absolutely lost all interest in that army when the 5th edition codex hit.

    1. Totally agree that an army is always a work in progress. We are all our own biggest critics. We see the weak spots and opportunities for improvement where our opponents will generally miss them.

      I always appreciate the compliments on my army but in the back of my mind I just see the unfinished spots and imperfections.

  2. Family always first. Best wishes for you and yours. Good luck at the GT.

  3. This is a really great post - especially coming up to a GT.- to help put things into perspective. I am looking over now at my unfinished army (is it ever done?) and my daughter playing with blocks. I think it is time to take a break from painting to go wreck some block towers!

    1. Yeah all my work comes after Lucian is asleep and Kristyn is situated for the night. I could have finished the army but some days you just don't have the energy after work and family time.

  4. I hope everything goes well for your wife man. I'm really sorry to hear that. I do have one piece of advice for you though....... If you play nurgle, use ink and make brown a go to color in your palette you will be amazed at what you can get done in a time crunch :)

    1. Thanks Craig.

      Yeah my next project no doubt will be repainting tyranids for the new book. I'm going to do primarily airbrush work with some drybrushing and washes. Going to keep it real simple compared to the eldar project. I've been watching pacific rim a lot and the kaiju really inspire me so maybe something dark with glowing organs.

  5. Good luck at the GT - beautiful blending. I honestly think sometimes the gems are one of the reasons I stopped enjoying painting eldar ;)

    Family first - will keep you and yours in our prayers.

    1. Thanks man I appreciate that.

      Yeah gems on the serpents and wraithknight are seriously testing my painting drive.