Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Results of 2013 DaBoyz GT

Here are overall rankings at 2013 DaBoyz GT.

I extracted these results from the Torrent of Fire website - so those who are not registered can view them.  Some of the columns have been cleaned up compared to the Torrent site.

#NameArmyBattle PoitsTotal of the soft scores   Total Points
1Alan BajramovicEldar19432226
2John HoTau Empire13186217
3Kevin MorrisGrey Knights16551216
4Tony KopachEldar17040210
5Sam GouldChaos Daemons16242204
6Ryan DeaneGrey Knights14556201
7Mike MutschellerSpace Marines16038198
8Brandon ValleeSpace Marines15541196
9Eric HoergerNecrons15637193
10Greg SparksTau Empire14944193
11Erich DevendorfChaos Daemons14448192
12Kurt ClaussEldar15932191
13Aaron StiebitzEldar13456190
14Andrew GonyoImperial Guard13552187
15Dan PlattTau Empire14045185
16Brad ChesterEldar14340183
17Kevin Lemieux-GagnonEldar13053183
18Richard JonesChaos Space Marines12159180
19Bill KimChaos Daemons14336179
20Mike KiserSpace Marines13841179
21Nick NanavatiGrey Knights13145176
22Werner BornNecrons13143174
24Peter DeFlorioEldar12350173
23Ken JohnsonTau Empire13043173
25Jared FriedmanEldar12844172
26Joel DankoChaos Space Marines11457171
28Max DuboisGrey Knights7496170
27Nate StevensGrey Knights9773170
30Jeff HobinChaos Space Marines9079169
29Calvin SmarrOrks11752169
31David KoszkaImperial Guard9670166
32Rob FortinSpace Marines12837165
33Kevin BarberDark Eldar11945164
34Paul MiglinoTau Empire11548163
35Andrew BlockEldar12142163
36Justin AdamsChaos Daemons12339162
38Denis CoteOrks9368161
37Richard TherkornChaos Daemons10853161
40Simon LeenSisters of Battle10951160
39John WaschChaos Daemons12535160
41Levi GammillChaos Daemons12534159
42David PontEldar12632158
43Francois GirardNecrons10354157
44Ricky JohnsonNecrons10354157
46Josh CurtisEldar11244156
45Dan HeiglChaos Daemons11838156
47Andy KopachEldar11244156
48John ParsonsTau Empire13122154
50Justin CookTau Empire11537152
49Erik JonesNecrons12329152
51chris MollinkImperial Guard7775152
55Andy EnhnotGrey Knights8464148
52Rick JamesChaos Daemons10741148
53Eric MarcouxDark Angels10642148
54Riley MaxwellChaos Space Marines9751148
56Bill McFaddenEldar10839147
57Eric CourtneySpace Marines11333146
61Adam FasoldtOrks8462146
58Dan PriceSpace Marines9254146
59Brian HortonTyranids10539144
60Chris LehstenEldar10338141
62Jim MageeGrey Knights9941140
63Mike NogleEldar9446140
64Troy EspositoSpace Wolves8653139
66Hans CoteTau Empire10137138
65carl McLaughlinTau Empire10236138
67George TsemberlisChaos Daemons9640136
68Brandon KassTau Empire9441135
69jason HagarTyranids9836134
71Ian LainhartSpace Marines9340133
70John TufarellaDark Eldar11914133
72Arnaud LegerSpace Marines9042132
73Eric MarchandDark Angels8547132
74Garrett PogsonChaos Space Marines8248130
75Paul PachecoGrey Knights8148129
76Phil GempscerSpace Marines9236128
78Matt OliverDark Eldar7057127
77Nick ParrettEldar9037127
79Zachary KoterbaSpace Marines10224126
81Beth McClungChaos Space Marines8243125
80Ken ParmerterEldar9332125
82Kris WennerSpace Wolves7350123
83Matt RowlandEldar7149120
85Kevin HornTyranids7445119
84John McNeilNecrons7445119
86Ryan SchroederChaos Space Marines7246118
87Brian HullyGrey Knights6647114
88Eric HobinImperial Guard6647113
89Mike CalleriSpace Marines6943112
90Kevin GriciusChaos Space Marines5160111
91Shane McConnellSpace Marines6743110
92Gary PentonTyranids5258110
94Kevin MunnSisters of Battle6544109
95Sam SmithOrks5950109
93James ThayerTau Empire8029109
96Steve KimballDark Angels5944103
97Nick VespucciGrey Knights6240102
98John LamannaSpace Marines6040100
99Mike RennoSpace Wolves5347100
100Guillaume BoilyTau Empire613798
101Mike MullisTau Empire584098
102Chris KazilasEldar692296
103Nick CarusoGrey Knights93093
104George SymonSisters of Battle405393
105Ben LamureDark Angels395190
106Alex YeunEldar89089
107Scott HansenEldar473387
109Nathan EstonSpace Wolves393877
108Mike KachanisTau Empire77077
110Chris EimersGrey Knights353974
111Garner SammonsChaos Daemons63063
112jason DespawDark Eldar123851
113Chris RobertsSpace Marines93342
114Suzanna PylesImperial Guard34034
115Andrew ThompsonNecrons33033
119Bill SouzaEldar000


  1. Soft scores appear to have a very wide range. Discounting the '0', it ranged from 14 to 96 which is a pretty signficant spread and were very, very important towards overall standings.

  2. Anyone know what the Eldar winning list was? There's more than a 60pt difference between 1st and 2nd battle point wise, and 20-30 for the rest of the top 5

    1. Seer council eldar + dark eldar. 2 farseers, baron, warlocks on bikes, 2 wraithknights, venom with grisly trophies, some scoring bikes.