Thursday, November 28, 2013

Calypso2ts @ Da Boyz GT - 2 of 6

If you missed my performance in the first round - and my final army list - you can still catch the write up here. After my first round - notice there are no spoilers until you click into the article - I was paired up against an Eldar player with a fairly strong Iyadan list.  I am glad he actually had the Iyadan Yellow and Blue to make it work too.

As I am writing this too, I realized that we completely forgot Ancient Doom for the entire game.  I am not sure if I assaulted any of his guys with the rule using Slaanesh Daemons, but it is one to remember.

Game 2
My opponent for this game was Nick Parrett.  As I look at the results too I see that I think our game was scored incorrectly.  Due to some confusion in the round starting, we got a bit of a late start, but made the best of it.

Primary: Emperor's Will
Secondary: The Relic
Deployment: Vanguard Strike

My opponent's list for this game included:

Wraithknight - Warlord
The Avatar
Spirit Seer
Spirit Seer


6x Jetbikes
5x Wraithguard w/ D Scythes in Wave Serpent w/ Scatter Lasers, Holo Fields
5x Wraithguard w/ Wraithcannons in Wave Serpent w/ Scatter Lasers Holo Fields
10x Dire Avengers
10x Dire Avengers

Fast Attack
Crimson Hunter w/ Exarch

Heavy Support
Fire Prism w/ Holo Fields

Psychic Powers/Warlord Traits
Fateweaver: Perfect Timing/Fire Shield  :: Iron Arm/Invisibility
Herald of Khorne: Grimoire of True Names
Horrors: Flickering Fire

Wraithknight: 6+ FNP within 12" of Warlord
Spirit Seer: Renewer/Destructor, (Battle Focus to Wraithguard)
Spirit Seer: Renewer/Destructor, (Battle Focus to Wraithguard)

I lost the roll to go first but my opponent opted to give me the second turn - which is what I wanted in the first place.
I took this before he changed his deployment slightly, by putting the Wraithknight in the center of the board.

I respond by using the central wall to block line of sight.  My objective is dead center where my troops can walk onto it.  I reserve the Horrors to Deep Strike and the Plaguebearers to walk on.

We have Night Fight for Turn 1, so Fateweaver is in the back corner far out of range of everything.

Turn 1
I decline to seize and Nick moves up very aggressively with his units.  He is surprised to find out that the hounds each have 2 wounds.

Preliminary shooting knocks down a few hounds but fail to cause any major damage.  He is aggressively positioned with his vehicles and I think I can wreck some of them in assault.  Also, the cockpits on all his Wave Serpents look awesome.

Battle Focus moves some Dire Avengers backwards into the protective embrace of the Avatar and Wraightknight.

I move up aggressively, planning to knock over some vehicles and leave my Seekers nearby as a counter assault threat.  The purple dogs get Invisibility, Fateweaver Grimoires herself - you can just see her wings below as she hides near a tree - the dice shows her Iron Arm, which made me brave enough to move her up.

The Serpent and Fire Prism is removed.  I also manage to take out the other Serpent with a luck hit from a Phlegm Bombardment.

Turn 2
The Crimson Hunter declines to come in this turn, but that is okay because Battle Focus on his D-Scythes lets him take some shots at the Seekers.  I lose eight of them, and they are sad to be gone but happy the Avatar has a 12" charge.

The Wraithknight is planning to have a tickle fight with the Hounds - he succeeds and smashes more of them than I would have liked.  The Herald luckily survives.

The relic is far away still, but there is a lot of open space left here.

This is my turn but as you can see the Avatar made his charge into the Seekers on triple 6's.  I then fail miserably to wound and lose some more to instability.  My own poor placement of the Heartseeker meant she was sniped before I could use her to eat the first round of attacks by the Avatar.

Naturally the Daemonettes are going in to take down The Avatar.  I throw out 50+ attacks at WS 5, but only do a pair of wounds to the Avatar.

Fateweaver fares slightly better or she would have if I had not totally forgotten to shoot her.  This was a huge mistake as the Dire Avengers should have been dead this turn.  Pictures are scarce this game due to how fast we had to play.

Turn 3/4
The Crimson Hunter comes in and shoots, but fails to do any meaningful damage. The Jetbikes hop in next to the Horrors that are on his Objective next to Fateweaver, The Wraithguard are on The Relic but had to run to get there - which means they cannot pick it up this turn.

I am still stuck in combat with The Avatar somehow - he also gets hit with double renewer to bump him up which just compounds the number of times I have whiffed.

Luckily, I have the far objective by Fateweaver - I cleared it with her and some Horrors while the Jetbikes did not have room to move onto it.  The Plagues have walked onto my objective which is untouchable at this point and with Fate nearby and bearing Iron Arm and Invisibility there is no way to remove her effectively.

The rest of his units are smashing hounds to pieces bit by bit, but will be there for a few more turns.

Primary: Win 1 - 0
Secondary: Draw - no one has The Relic
First Blood: 1
Slay the Warlord: 0
Linebreaker: 1

I redeem myself slightly with a Major Win taking 27 points from the round.  I noticed just now that it was scored as 22 points on Torrent of Fire.  We were very close to the deadline on rounds for turning in the sheets, so it must have been a simple oversight - but it reminds me that I need to get a smartphone to check these kinds of things.

Round 2 Thoughts
I took a win, but it was not due to any particularly good play on my part.  I threw away the hounds again against the Wraithknight and the Wraithguard - I should have moved them out to assault the Dire Avengers instead.  I also needed to play the grinders more aggressively to get near the relic and threaten the Wraithguard there.  It was really luck that the game ended on Turn 4 with my opponents Jetbikes out of position and him unable to pickup The Relic.

Overall I regret that we were so cramped for time in this game, I am sure that my opponent left with a sour taste from it - especially upon learning that you cannot run on top of and pickup The Relic on the same turn.  If you can - and I checked the rule in the game - then the game was scored correctly and there is no harm done.

After this round I am really not happy with the list I brought, it is  not playing the way I thought it would and the Hounds have been almost useless in games.  I wish I could swap it mid tournament, but I am stuck with the army I made.  I am also a little disappointed I killed myself to get the army painted when it has performed so poorly.  Wait, let me correct that - I have been such a poor general using it thus far.

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