Thursday, November 28, 2013

2013 DaBoyz Gt Random Pictures

Here is a bunch of Random pictures I took throughout the weekend.

Round 2: Nick Nanavati vs Paul Miglino. I am not sure what is happening!

Round 4: Alan having good time!
Round 4: Brad Chester and Alan Bajramovic at the top table.

TableWar Case. I was surprised I did not to see more.
Round 1: Mike Mutscheller vs Andrew Gonyo.  Tough match up for both!  I like to always to get easy  first round opponent.

Round 1: Paul vs Suzanna. I got to hang out with Suzanna through out the weekend. She is very cool and one of nicest people you ever meet. Tony a lucky guy!

John Ho's army.

You got to love the Christmas lights!

More Christmas lights. Bill Kim in the back ground.

I hope those Bikes don't get caught in the tracks!

Round 4: Aaron Stiebitz (Hyv3moynd) vs Eric Hoerger. This is Aaron's army.

Round 4: Eric Hoerger vs Aaron Stiebits. Eric's army.

The satellite on top of the building rotates. Not sure if that would drive me nuts during a game.

Here was the prize/raffle table for 40K event.

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