Monday, November 18, 2013

Da Boyz GT - Final Prep - Part 1

I am moving into the home stretch for the GT, which means there has not been much time for anything other than painting and modeling touches for the GT.  This is part 1 of a multi-part post this week that will hit on my army list, final GT prep and maybe include those final two battle reports that motivated 

As always, I look at my army and think of a million different things I would like to do in the next week - but I am happy with the million different things I was able to accomplish.  The theme for this army has always been a Slaanesh force - even if other units made appearances, they are but actors in the Grand Masquerade of Slaanesh.  After all Life is a Stage!

In this spirit I have been basing all my units for the last year on hardwood floors - the stage for their grand performance.  It is a bit of a tedious process that involves cutting to size actual wood planks, gluing them down, using a dremmel sanding drum to round them out and then staining them to the correct color.  This is my last batch - but it was my second batch of the week.

If you have ever wondered what 32 Flesh Hounds in the service of Slaanesh might look like, it is something like this.

A Seeker seems to have snuck in with the hounds, but that is not all of the hounds...

Speaking of Seekers, you saw their bases in the previous images, here is them laying on their side - their toes need to be painted bone white before I glue them down, which is a quick finish up project for tomorrow.

This is also what a pile of Daemonettes looks like, they are done but belong on the bases above.  The Seeker riders have a similar color scheme, here they are chilling out in the Warp before mounting up.

Making a comeback from last year, the rest of my forces will be deployed across Slaanesh's domain, ready to pour into reality.  The domain though, is not quite complete, tomorrow it will have its final level attached to make room for the newfound Flesh Hounds - whom I refer to normally as my puppies.

The Lord of Excess herself, director of the Masque (Fateweaver counts as) reigns above it all.  There is still a lot to do, but with the bases all set it looks like I am (finally!) going to make it!

Additional updates will pop in this week as the final dress rehearsals are completed and we prepare for the show.


  1. Have you thought about making mold for your bases? It's something I've been thinking of more and more just so I can have more standardization.

    Also, having press molds for my O&G has saved me so much time.

    1. I entertained the idea of making molds, but I really wanted to have an actual wood floor laid down for the unit. The part I am wondering about is if I can automate the bases to an extent by using a small hole saw on an already prefabbed 'floor' made from wood stock and plastic card.

    2. Not sure if the link will work, but this seems pertinent:

  2. Looking good man. That's an impressive number of khorne dogs. Actually that's prolly the most beasts & cavalry I've seen together in one list. I hope you put the pain down on some tau and eldar players.

    1. Thanks! I had a few other touches I wanted to add but I came down with a stomach flu this morning. I am really looking forward to playing some shooty armies to prove that accounts of Assault's death have been vastly exaggerated.

      Given 2 more weeks, I would probably swap out Fate or the Grinders for another Khorne Herald and then add in Beasts of Nurgle and maybe even Bloodcrushers - hint for the December invite...