Friday, March 22, 2013

What's on our Painting Table

As the week comes to a close we thought we would round out this weeks articles by highlighting some of the painting projects that each of us are currently working on. As with most of you, we are lucky if we can get in 2-3 hours of painting a night but yet we push on through into the early morning hours, putting off sleep until our eyes get too blurry to paint. But one thing all of us at the Mandulian Chapel agree on is that playing with a fully painted army just looks too cool when spread out on the tabletop. So take a moment and look through our current projects and let us know what you think.

Here is a snap shot of my painting station, yup... a folding table in the living room. As you can see, I've got about 5 different painting projects going on at the same time that range from 40k to Warhammer fantasy.

Here is Ahriman, which I started painting on Sunday and am trying to finish up in time to use him in a game on Saturday.
 I still have not figured out what color I am going to paint his robe but once that is done I just need to finish the staff and then add highlights.

Next up is my warpsmith model. This guy is actually one of the chaos chosen models that came with the Dark Vengeance starter set. I really liked the pose of this model and I did not feel like cutting out a kidney to pay for the finecast warpsmith so I cut off the lightning claws and added an arm from the Warriors of Chaos Knights box. The other arm is from a khorne berzerker sprue. Then I went to town with guitar wire and dark eldar bits to round out the mechtendrils look.

I also added bits from the Chaos Rhino set to give the impression that the spikes are erupting from the ground to represent the Shattered Earth ability he has. I just need to seal the woodchip base and then add sand before he hits the tabletop.

Here are some other chaos chosen models from the starter set that I am using as unit champions. The poses look way too cool but I don't like to run chosen marines in my list so I figured their unique look and poses would lend well to the look of a squad leader. These two are pretty much done except for the bases.

Next come my latest edition to my Word Bearers host. The Word Bearers have always been one of my favorite chaos legions and I've been slowing building them over the past 5 years to where I now have over 5000 points (and still growing) of Word Bearers.

I still have to finish their bases and paint the flaming daemon head icon on their shoulder pads but otherwise they are pretty much done.

Here are my cultists. I traded out my Dark Angels from the starter set for the cultists so I have 40 of them in the process of being painted. 

I just love the amount of detail that GW put into the cultist models but I wish that they had made a few more poses. To make up for that I did a few weapon swaps just to add variety to the group. I am taking my time with these guys, as you can see by the skin tone and scarring on the surface. I wanted the scars/brands to look infected and painful, like they were just recently burned on. I am pretty happy with the way they are turning out but I feel it will be another month or so before they will be making an appearance on my tabletop.

And also in the back of my bin are 10 plague bearers, 6 Warriors of Chaos, and an Eldar Autarch and Farseer.

Here are some pics of the zombie cultists that hvy3mynd is currently working on.

Hoard of 30 zombies
Closeup of one of the walkers.
Pretty nice job and at the rate he's going, he'll be fielding them way before I get mine painted. Those base are really nice and by varying the height and shape of the base helps to break up the limited poses of the models.

Crispy is currently working on his green skins for his warhammer fantasy army.

 I don't envy him as I also have an Orcs n' Goblin army for WHFB and after painting close to 200 models with the color green I swore I would never paint a hoard army again.

I hope you enjoyed looking over our current painting projects. This weekend I'll be playing a 4000 point game with buddy of mine. This will be my first game under 6th edition that is over 2000 points and we both will be fielding our fully painted armies. I will be running my Word Bearers Host and my opponent will be running his Grey Knights. We are using a double force organization chart and the only limitation we placed on each other is that we can only run 1 named character for each army. That is why I am trying feverishly to get Ahriman finished. I do have a fully painted Abaddon model but I really want to test out Ahriman and his psychic abilities. This is truly going to be an epic battle and I will be posting a detailed battle report in the upcoming weeks but here is a little teaser picture for my article on Tuesday.

Until then, keep on gaming!


  1. Totally loving the dark vengeance model in the top pic. It's flawless, I just keep staring at it. Keep it up!

  2. I agree on the top one, I have been painting up some DV marines as well - and now I look at them and just feel dissatisfied.

    I would love to see a guide/showcase of your Word Bearers at some point. They are a masterpiece.

  3. Those Chaos marines are looking great! The Dark Vengeance models really look like they would be cool to paint. Also, is that leaping orc mooning us?

  4. the basing on those zombies looks awesome! The chaos models are extremely nice too! crispy.....those orcs are looking like they are staight outta a Mel Gibson movie and I'm hankerin to play the part of Longshanks.

  5. The Word Bearers' color is great! How'd you do it?