Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Crossroads Spring Break GT Wrap-up

    The first Crossroads Spring Break GT is in the can, and it was a hell of a time. Corey Reynolds, the organizer and head TO, runs a pretty tight ship, and everything ran smoothly. I helped Corey with the paint judging, played a few games as the ringer, and acted as a general data entry monkey. I have to say that I had 3 fantastic games, and got to see a ton of great armies. Below, I'll include a smattering of the armies present, the results and the award winners.

     Here is where you can find all the winners and the full results.

First and foremost, The Overall Winner: Matt Cassidy of the Lost Legion running Empire
While Matt did win overall, he shamed himself by not getting max points in all categories. As a result, he had to commit seppuku with his trophy sword. 

2nd Overall: Peyton Shipman of the Unplugged Gamers and occasional Painting Tabled podcast contributor running Empire.

3rd Overall: Mike Rossi of The Shambling Hordes running Wood Elves

Best General: Paul Gates of the Lost Legion running Vampire Counts

Best Apperance: Jeremy Gagne of the Warmongers running Wood Elves

Player's Choice: Mike Norton of Da Boyz running Dark Elves

Best Sportsman: Matt Maggitti, Loud and Proud running Warriors of Chaos

Winner of the Dominion Tournament: Andrew DeAlmagro

Best Apperance Jeremy Gagne's Wood Elves

Player's Choice Mike Norton's Dark Elves

2nd Overall Peyton Shipman's Empire

3rd Overall Mike Rossi's Wood Elves

Here's a few other shots from around the event

     That's it for our Spring Break GT. The Crossroads Challenge GT will be held as usual on the last weekend of September (September 28th - 29th 2013). If you're looking to attend, it'll be at:
Holiday Inn - Elmira-Riverview     
760 East Water St.
Elmira, NY 14901

For full details check out


  1. Looks like it was a good time. From the results page it looks like every army was represented except for skaven, which is surpising. What were the chaos builds like, mono-god type lists or a mixture?

  2. I think everyone was surprised that skaven was a no-show.

    In terms of Chaos, I think there were a couple of mono builds (I'm only basing that off of paint jobs and models, they could have been counts as), but most of them were a mix of at least 2 gods.

  3. Nice! I plan on building up a themed bretonnian army. Hopefully by the fall crossroads!!

  4. Certain builds are still pretty good. The beach themed, yellow knights above are Brets, and in 2011 Brets took 1st and 2nd.

    I think it's one of those iconic armies that everyone wants to try their hands at.

  5. Geez no skaven? Man I wich I couldve come to represent with Clan Bling-sprocket.