Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fantasy GT this Weekend!

    This weekend is Crossroads Spring Break GT out in Horsehead’s NY. I know it’s pretty short notice, but if you play fantasy and don’t have plans for the weekend, we’re going to be accepting players up until Friday. Email the TO (Corey) and let him know you'd like to come. Right now, we’re looking at around 50-60 players. Not too shabby for an event initially planned just 2 months ago.

    I’ll be paint judging, and I might even get a game in as the ringer. Friday night is going to be a Warmachine tournament (a few locals just threw this together, so I have few details), and Saturday night we’re going to be running a Dominion tournament. I’ll do an event wrap-up next week, but if you’re up to it, come on down.

  Speaking of Fantasy, I’ve been slowly plugging away at Savage Orcs, and I have to say that for being pretty much naked, they have a ridiculous amount of detail that needs to be painted on. The loin cloths, the bones, the belts, the weapons, and not to mention the tattoos, all make for a time/tarpit. Check em out below the fold.


I still have some work to do in terms of shading the Bone and wrist wraps, but the tattoos and bodies have been completed.

I've been experimenting around with different tattoo styles and colors. These guys are just about ready to have their belts and ropes painted.

Let me know what you think. I think I'll be done with these guys in a few weeks (40 Boyz & 10 Boar Boyz), as long as my cold doesn't have a resurgence. Thanks for reading.



  1. Wow, those Orcs look great - I love the subtle shades of green you managed to build on them.

    How do you get such sharp lines on the tatoos?

    1. Sharp lines on the tattoos? That's half me, half my new brushes. I'll be doing a product review for my winsor newton series 7 brushes. Everyone always says that they're the way to go, and everyone is correct. More details later.