Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Adepticon Team Tournament Primer - Round 2 - Tyranids VS CSM

     This past Saturday, Calypso2ts and I teamed up for an Adepticon Team Tourney primer. Each of us brought 1000 points of Tyranids, which can be found here. Calypso covered our first game against the Orky team of Trevor and Ben. Damn those Dakka-Jets!! Coming out of the first round with only 10 points hurt, but we still knew that we could still turn it around.

     Heading into round 2, we were paired up against Beth and Scotty from Erie PA. The Erie crowd is made up of a great group of gamers, and I've played several of them in single tournaments. They always offer up solid competition, and are great gamers. Beth & Scotty brought CSM lists, built around their Slaaneshii Adepticon team.
Deployment: Hammer & Anvil
Primary: Emperor's Will (15/7/0) & Modified Scouring* (10/5/0)
Secondary: Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Linebreaker
+ Twists of Fate

*Each team placed 2 Scouring objectives in their opponent's deployment zones. You only got these if you took it to your enemy.

     We used 1 of our Twists of Fate to give our Dakka-Fex unit, joined by the Prime, outflank. Instead of foot-slogging across board 6 inches at a time, we figured that driving them into a flank would get them there faster, allowing them to strike a critical blow. Our opponents chose not to use either of their twists of fate.

Beth & Scotty's Lists were as follows (approximately): 
Slaaneshi Sorceror
3X Noise Marine Squads
3X CSM squads Marked Slaanesh
Forgeworld Decimator
Havocs w/ 4 Autocannons

     Beth & Scotty set up on their deployment line. Each objective marker in their deployment zone is held by Noise marines with Sonic Blasters. An Emperor's Will objective is on the far side, with the Scouring objectives in the middle (near the Decimator) and on the near side. Over on the Tyranid side:

     Our team's Emperor's Will Objective is set up in the middle back, with both Scouring objectives set out in the open. We set up with the Biovores and Hive Guard set behind the large rock in the middle. Neither needed Line of Sight to do their business, so it provided a great hiding spot. Everything else set up 25 inches away from all their sonic weapons. 

     Beth and Scotty came to play, and brought the fight right to us on turn 1. They fully intend to take those Scouring objectives in our deployment zone. All 3 Rhinos sped forward with the Decimator trudging behind. Meeting their charge, our Hive Guard blew open the closest Rhino, exposing the occupants to the encroaching horde. 
     With the first Rhino's occupants vulnerable to our massed Termagaunts, the Tyrant found it more beneficial to crack open the second Rhino. Alas, only hull points were stripped, ending our first turn. 

     Not to be deterred, Lucius and company dive out of their Rhino, ready to take on the horde. With their shooting, a gaunt squad and 2 of our Biovores are destroyed, laying our flank bare.

      On the near side of the board, our gaunt squads have moved up close enough to feel the sting of the sonic weapons. Where 2 squads of gaunts were, one is quickly reduced to insignificance in a volley of fire. The Tervigon even manages to feel the pain from a shot from the Decimator cannon.

     Turn 2 sees all of our reserves come in, and it's not a pretty sight for Chaos. The Carnifex unit, lead by the Prime, unloads on the closest Noise Marine Squad. Doom comes in via Pod, and is in range of 3 units. 

     In the far corner, the Ymgarls surround another unit of Noise Marines. In the midfield, spawned gaunts swarm the survivors on the initial Rhino wreck. The Tyrant jumps up-field to attack the central Noise Marine unit. The swarm intended to envelope the Chaos forces.

     On their turn 3, trying to exploit our weak flank, the Chaos forces concentrated on destroying the surviving gaunts, and attempted to kill our anchor, the Tervigon. While the troops were able to clear away the gaunts, Lucius went for the Tervigon. Lucius may have battled Tyranid like beasts on the planet of Murder, but he wasn't prepared to take on these new biomorphs.

      One the far side of the field, the Chaos castle was quickly crumbling. The weight of the assault proved to be too much for the Chaos forces. Each of their units was being picked apart by various Tyranid specialists. Even the gaunts were moving to surround the middle Rhino, and the Sorcerer lead unit. Unmarked, and alone, the Decimator went unscathed as not a single unit was able to make a charge.

      With great spawn rolls, the situation for the Chaos forces looked bleak. Both units were caught between a pincer formation of gaunts. Surviving the encompassing horde wasn't enough, as the expendable gaunt units only served to tie up the Marines while their Monstrous backup came in to help.

     The Chaos Marines fought hard, and even managed to beat back the gaunt horde, but attrition took its toll. With the help of the Tervigon, our flank was secured.

      On the far side of the field, the Hive Tyrant lended a hand to the Ymgarls, finishing off the last Noise Marine Squad. With no troops remaining, the battle was ours. Only the Havocs and Decimator was left to clean up.

      I'm not sure why, but the Decimator did not engage any units during the Chaos turn, which lead to it being surrounded by the Carnifexes, the Tervigon, and the Hive Tyrant.

     4 monsters is too much for just about any unit to handle. The small Genestealer unit grabbed the closest Scouring objective, while the Tervigon moved to take the central one. 

     Everything worked well for our team. We got all the reserves we needed, and their placement was excellent. The coordination of our units put too much pressure on the opposing forces, and they folded.With 1 unused Twist of Fate, all 3 secondary objectives, and both primary goals, we netted 29 points. Good placement going into round 3. 

     Here's Andy (on the floor), one of our soon to be co-authors. Although he totally missed the chair he was trying to sit on, I'm sure he'll be spot on when he's delivering some of the bat-reps from his team's angle. 

Keep on joining us and our coverage. Thanks for reading. 



  1. Great report. I wasn't able to play your opponents or see their army so it's nice to see what else was out there over the course of the day. I was slightly concerned when I saw the adepticon packet only allowed 6 pieces of terrain per table. That ruling really hurts bugs, but you guys took it in stride and didn't break a sweat.

    1. The nice part of the 6 terrain pieces is that there was - in general - at least one terrain piece that to some extent or another blocked LOS. We also did not encounter an army with overwhelming firepower either.

      That said, the boards did feel a bit more scarce that I was accustomed to.

  2. Oh c'mon! That chair had CLEARLY moved itself and it was not my fault for missing it! hahahaha