Sunday, March 24, 2013

Batrep: GK & SM vs IG & BA Team Event

This report was our (Crimthaan & hyv3mynd) first game in the local Adepticon team primer.  We had originally planned to bring double CSM, but my painting wasn't progressing quickly enough and I didn't want to handicap my partner with an unpainted army.  Here's what we ended up with:

Libby + TDA, storm shield (warlord, biomancy - iron arm, smite)
Ironclad Dread + drop pod
Tactical Marines x10 + melta, multi-melta, fist, rhino
Tactical Marines x10 + plasma, plasma cannon, combi-plas
Stormtalon + lascannons, assault cannon
Thunderfire Cannon

Grand Master + MC hammer, incinerator, blind grenades
Purifiers x10 + incinerators x4, halberds x2, hammer
Strike Knights x5 + psycannon, razorback w/ psybolt ammo, searchlight
Stormraven + hurricane sponsons, assault cannon, hvy bolter, psybolt ammo
Rifleman Dread + psybolt ammo

The first mission featured table quarters as the primary scoring objective and victory (kill) points as the secondary.  Deployment was Vanguard Strike.  Our opponents were Konrad and Garrett who ran something like this:

Konrad's IG:
Lord Inquisitor: Power Sword, Melta Bombs, & Camo Cloak
5 Ogyrns: Chimera w Heavy Stubber
Veteran Squad: 3 Plasma Guns, Power Sword, Chimera w Heavy Stubber
Veteran Squad: 3 Melta Guns, Demolitions, Power sword
Vendetta Gunship: Door Heavy Bolters

Garrett's BA:
Librarian: Force Axe, Jump Pack, Codex Powers: Shield of Sanguinius and Unleash Rage
Furioso Dreadnought: Blood Talons, Melta Gun, Flamer, Drop Pod w Storm Bolter
Assault Squad: 10 Marines, 2 Plasma Guns, Power Fist
Assault Squad: 10 Marines, 2 Melta Guns, Hand Flamer, Power Axe
Assault Squad: 10 Marines, 2 Flamers, Hand Flamer, Power Sword

The mission required scoring units from both teammates to hold and/or contest a table quarter.  We used our twists of fate (per the Adepticon team rules) to allow my purifiers and Crimthaan's melta squad to hold a quarter by themselves.  I also made my purifiers and dread scoring units.  Our opponents used their twists of fate on the plasma vets and plasma ASM's.  We set up 6 pieces of terrain (per the Adepticon team rules) and night fight would be in effect. We would be going second.

Our opponents deploy the manticore, plasma vets, and ogryn from left to right.  Everything else was reserved.

The libby joins the plasma squad on the left .  The rifleman dread uses the big skull rock for cover.  The melta squad is split with half on foot in front of my razorback and the other half in the rhino on the right.  The TFC is in the pool and my strike squad is out of their ride to warp quake the backfield.  My purifiers are combat squadded in the stormraven and reserved with the stormtalon and ironclad.

Turn 1 is relatively uneventful due to night fight.  The furioso pod mishaps off the tabke and back into reserves.  One chimera lit up the melta squad on foot and the manticore dropped some bombs immobilizing my rifleman.

Our drop pod also mishaps off the table and they place it in our backfield terrain. It passes the test and the ironclad runs forward.  The rhino rushes forward into their table half.  Our combined shooting strips 2 hull points from a chimera but first blood remains unclaimed.

The vendetta arrives from the left flank and two of the assault squads drop in between the libby's unit and the flyer.

Their furioso drops in right next to our ironclad and wiffs its melta shot.  We lose several marines and the manticore finishes my rifleman with two pie plates (first blood). 

Our flyers fail to arrive.  We shuffle our backfield units so maximize our shots.  The ironclad turns and heads for the furioso.  The rhino on the right flank pushes deep into their corner and pops smoke.  The TFC is able to kill 7 assault marines from the libby's plasma unit.  Small arms fire claims a few assault marines from the second unit.  Our ironclad assaults their furioso and strips a hull point and they lock.

The last assault squad drops into our back corner (off pic).  The surviving assault marines on the left move on our libby's unit.  The vendetta zooms towards our rhino.  Shooting explodes our rhino and we lose 3 of the embarked marines.  The assault marines charge the remnants of the libby's tac squad which are wiped out with the libby remaining (had iron arm + storm shield).  Our ironclad explodes the furioso and consolidates towards the newly arrived assault squad.

The ironclad lines up on the newest arrivals.

Our flyers finally arrive with my stormraven taking the left flank and going for the manticore.  The stormtalon flies up behind the vendetta.  My flyer is able to wreck the manticore and the talon explodes the vendetta.  One vet survives the crash.  One of the two surviving marines in the deep right corner has a melta gun and explodes the ogryn's ride.

The ironclad assaults the backfield blood angels, survives an overwatch melta hit, and smashes several marines.  They opt to flee, he catches them, and they lock.  My strike squad jumps in to help the lone libby.  My justicar dies trying to get hammerhand off, my entire squad wiffs, and gets wiped out but the iron arm libby survives.

Not much left for our opponents to move as everything is locked in combat or dead.  The 2 crimson fists up top survive incoming fire.  The iron arm libby continues to hold the blood angels off.

In our backfield, the ironclad continues to smash marines and catches them every time they attempt to flee.

There's only time for one more turn after this, so I switch to hover mode and drop the combat squadded scoring purifiers out and run 1 into each of the left side quarters.

The stormtalon finishes off the commissar's chimera and we kill a few vets with the TFC.  We're able to force a morale test on the ogryn and they flee.  Our libby finally fails his last save and the blood angels consolidate towards 2 different quarters.  The ironclad is now facing a single marine.

This will be the last turn so the blood angels jump into 2 quarters.  The larger unit finishes my razorback with rear shots.  The ogryn fail their regroup test and leave the table.  A lucky plasma shot explodes our stormtalon.  Our ironclad smashes the last marine and consolidates toward their largest unit.

We finish our last movement phase bringing scoring units into all 4 quarters.  The stormraven heads for our backfield.  We put every shot we have into the 4 blood angels hugging the skull as they were marked with the twist of fate to score by themselves.  We drop the last one with our very last shot and that finishes the game.

My purifiers were marked and given the grand strategy so they score both the left quarters.  Crimthaan's melta squad was marked and the 2 survivors up top take that quarter while the other combar squad captures our deployment quarter.  Our opponents scored linebreaker, warlord, and first blood while we only had the linebreaker.  The final score was 26-3 in our favor.

This game was a comedy of dice and improbabilities which made it very fun and entertaining.  Both drop pods mishapping off the table on turn 1 was unbelievable.  We also didn't count on the rifleman getting sniped by multiple barrages which had originally targeted the tac squad on foot.  Then, Crimthaan's lone libby held off 11 blood angels while my strike knights bounced off that combat and went home.  We started out in very poor position losing first blood and our main anti-tank.  Fortunately for us, when our ironclad mishapped they placed it in a position where it could be useful and it solo'd the furioso and another assault squad.  I wish my purifiers had seen some action, but their late arrival is what ultimately allowed us to secure the win.

Konrad/PoliticalOfficerKrad also covered this game on his blog.  Check it out for a view from the other side of the table.  To their credit, our opponents scored near-max points during their next two games and were able to take 3rd overall once painting and sportsmanship were added in.


  1. Like you said, always cool to see it from the other side's perspective. Good report as usual, I did not realize it at the tournament but that rifle dread just looks so sad on it's back with the autocannons flipped that way. It's like it's not dead, but a turtle that cannot roll back over.

    1. I wish I could like this comment.

    2. Yeah he was knocked sprawling by 3 manticore blasts. Normally I remember my smoke clouds and they look a lot more respectable.

    3. Smoke clouds with the flickering candles are great. I still need to make some for myself.

  2. I've been meaning to ask this every time I see a battle-report, but I get lost in the awesomeness of the pictures XD

    What exactly is the comp system your FLGS uses? I see the various lists posted, but I don't really see a pattern in what's allowed and what isn't.

    1. This event was an adepticon primer so the only comp was their standard team format.

      Each of our monthly events is slightly different to keep things interesting.

      "DaBoyz Comp" as it's been dubbed around here typically means special characters and unit duplication/spam are penalized.