Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mini Review – Citadel Paint Station +

     After a recent incident of paint spilling on our couch (a minor accident, I assure you), my wife made it clear that my old paint setup had to be reinvented. I was using Tupperware containers to store models, and a rectangle of MDF as a tray, but that no longer cut it. Knowing that I would drag my feet on purchasing a paint station ($55 on a paint station or maybe a new Monstrous creature?)  my wife leapfrogged me and bought the GW Paint Station +.

     I think the paint station works wonderfully, and its value increases when you use the accessories built for it. The build quality of the station itself is solid. GW’s old paint station used to be made up of MDF, and was susceptible to water spillage and deformation. This one is a heavyweight plastic, and it’s a different plastic recipe than our models, so spilled plastic glue won’t harm the surface. It also has spaces designed to accept GW paint pots, and paint brushes of virtually any brand. 

     A benefit that I didn’t expect, but I greatly appreciate now, is how the GW accessories (specifically the water pots and pallets) fit right into the Paint Station. I know that this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I was surprised. The water pots have a nice wide base, and when they are in place, they’re almost impossible to knock over. When you’re painting with metallic, it’s nice to have the 2nd pot to rinse off your brushes. While the pallets are just plastic, they clean easy, and they fit snugly into place providing an aesthetically pleasing surface to work on. I feel these small details really help the painting experience.

      I feel that the paint station is a tool box, and when you grab that tool box, you’re immediately ready to go. I find myself being able to squeeze in a few minutes of painting here and there where I didn’t before. The small details help with this, making sure you have all your supplies on hand. It lowers the effort barrier, allowing me to jump right into my work. 

I fully recommend the Paint Station, but let’s break down the GW options for you:
     1)      Paint station – $40 If you want to full load out, you’ll have to buy the other options separately. This is just the base station.

 2)      Paint Station + (Black) – $55 While it’s on the GW site, you can’t order this one. It comes with the 2 water pots, 2 pallets, and a cutting matt. If you can find one at your FLGS pick it up. You save quite a bit as all the accessories are bundled. 

     3)      Paint Station + (Red) – $70 The same as the black but more expensive. It is red, so you should be able to paint faster too. It's also a "While Stocks Last" item, so hopefully we'll see the re-introduction of the black $55 option.

     If you’re able to get option 2, pick it up. You used to be able to get the option 2, which saved a bit of cash by bundling the accessories, but we all know GW and their non-money saving bundles. Still, the synergy of all the stuff working together may be worth it.

     On Friday, all the authors will be presenting their initial thoughts and lists for this weekend’s upcoming team tournament. We'll be following it up with battle reports and our closing thoughts. Check it out.



  1. FWIW I use a plasting lap board available at Michael's for $6 each. They have legs so it works perfectly for me as I paint in a recliner. It doesn't have cut-outs for paints but the sides can hold 30ish bottles and the top has a lip so stuff (usually) doesn't roll off.

  2. I am on the MDF route right now for painting - I throw down a board on a table and then stack the paints on it - using a wet pallette constructed from a sponge, a tupperware and a piece of parchment paper. The problem, as you mentioned, is my setup tends to be about 15 minutes which makes it hard to pick and get an hour in here or there - especially with the little one.

    I might have to request this as a birthday gift

    1. Phrasing it as a furniture protector will go a long ways.

  3. I bought one of these for myself and have to say I'm pretty pleased with it. As you say it's nice having somewhere to put everything. I'm sure I could've made something that did the job as well or even perhaps better but frankly I'd have never got round to it.