Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tournament Day

Here's your sneak preview of today's event.  It wasn't a full-on tournament as people were allowed to bring 3 armies if they wanted to try out as many of the new rules as possible.  Prize support was raffled off at the end so there was nothing to gain from bringing a ridiculous list except experience.

I played 3 really enjoyable games which were all pretty close.  My first game was against Garrett and an unholy alliance of Blood Angels and Necrons.  We played Purge the Alien/Dawn of War and somehow I felt like the target in this mission.  What's that in the back?  A bird?  A plane?

Next up was Konrad and his beautiful foot guard.  This one definitely felt like a grimdark version of Starship Troopers.  The game was The Emperor's Will and Hammer/Anvil.  Can you hear the noming?

 Finally, I ended up against "Courtney" and his stunning Necrons who also brought along a defense line and quad gun from their inquisition bros.  The game was The Scouring and Vanguard Strike.  Yay for scoring wraiths!  The bad new for my tyrant here is he's grounded.  The good news is he has Iron Arm.

Anyways, there's your teaser until I get the first report written.

I'm liking the new rules a lot.  Well, most of them.  Necron chariot barges are silly broken now.  Move 12", snap fire, assault 2d6", d6 impact hits, 2+ on the lord and mindshackle scarabs, and then they can fly out of combat, sweep, and assault back in the same turn?  You better never let those things reach your lines.

I'm a lot more comfortable with the psychic powers and I even branched out of biomancy in the second game to try out telekenesis.  Telekenetic Dome is actually really cool.

Still don't like player set terrain for tournaments.  It makes for some silly and repetitive set-ups.  We put enough pieces at each table to cover 25% and we ran out of pieces in every one of my games before filling the terrain density limits.  If stores/GT's are going to adopt this portion of 6th ed, they're going to need even more pieces than they did for 5th ed.

Also not a fan of The Scouring.  In my game, I got objectives 1, 2, and 3 while Courtney got 2, 3, 4.  He had no reason to even cross the board except to go for linebreaker.  Since objectives are placed after players have chosen sides, each player can put them 6" from their edge and just camp.

The flyrant is my new favorite unit.  They're just that good.  IDK about two but I think one will usually make it into most of my lists.  Use pre-measuring for everything with this guy.  It's actually really easy to keep him swooping and with 24" of a sympathetic Endurance.  Regen with It Will Not Die can be funny, even if you forget to make the rolls half the time.

Raveners absolutely rock now, at least when they reach combat.  They're still very fragile when left in the open, but they pretty much wreck whatever they hit.

Tervigons are an awesome assault unit against anything shy of hammernators now.  Probably my favorite unit to play now second only to a flyrant. 

Anyways, full reports to come soon.  I'm still not back into painting yet so I expect to have all 3 done in the next 7 days.


  1. "They pretty much wreck whatever they hit" {Except my plasma veterans} Was a really fun event today, glad we made the drive out. If nothing else but for the fact Kevin lost another letter to Kevin, I think he's just "In" now...

    Really hope they set terrain next time and it seemed like the majority felt the same, though perhaps once in a while it could be okay. Maybe...

    It's Konrad with a K (a bit redundant when typed out I guess), C is too mainstream.

  2. Raveners offensive capability hasn't changed at all since 5th. What makes them so much stronger? They should be slightly faster, but still I1 when going through terrain. (Not at home, so no rulebook, but the wording I recollect says if they move through terrain at all)

    1. Offensive capability hasn't changed in the form of rolling more attack dice.

      However, they move 12" now and ignore terrain. Used to be 6" and 3d6 in terrain which left around a 50% chance of moving less than 6". Fleet used to be d6" and assault through terrain 2d6 double the highest. Assault now is 2d6" with rerolls for fleet. I'm no good at mathammer but it feels like a lot more now, especially since you can roll the 2d6, measure and decide if you want to reroll one or both.

      They now hit all transports on 3+ instead of 4/6. In game #1, they wrecked a ghost ark that had moved 12" which was nearly impossible in 5th.

      Wound allocation is a lot different now. If your front model takes 1-2 wounds during the opposing shooting phase, put it in the back before assaulting.

      I didn't use them a whole lot in 5th mainly due to ID. Now, tyrants and tervigons are much more deadly and draw a lot more fire IME, allowing raveners to survive longer. Plus, they make a good unit to go for the linebreaker point.

    2. @TraceofToxin,

      I whole-heartedly agree, nothing changed in their offensive capabilities, and since cover is now generally a 5+, our troops still suffer greatly from the handicaps of 5th ed that stuck around. Troop Tervigons are our only real option and even then you have to slap their Termagant counterparts in pods and give them devourers to make them cool.

  3. Did you use the dual devourer setup on your Tyrant?

    1. Wings, 2x devourers, old adversary

      The nice thing about FMC's is a 360 degree fire arc even when swooping. There was one occasion when I swooped over a guard blob of ~30 and shot down the commissar in the back.

    2. Thanks, it seems the best load out for a tyrant. This combined with the nice psychic powers makes them great fun to play, and good too.