Friday, July 6, 2012


6th Edition is still very new and there are a lot of misconceptions flooding the internet so it's important to keep perspective and realize that everything you read on the internet isn't always true (even here!).  I've seen this a lot on BoLS, 11th Co forums, and other blog so I'll address a few things here.  The most important thing going forward into the new edition is to know as many codex rules as possible so people don't pull off things that aren't supported by the new rules.  I'll update this from time to time and feel free to add.

#1.  You must deploy half of your units (p124).  Keep an eye on players bringing 3 stormravens or 3+ vendettas.  The flyers themselves do not count towards your deployed half, but IC's count towards the tally so if they have 3 units plus characters embarked in reserved flyers there's a good chance they're doing it wrong.

#2.  Allies of convenience are treated as enemy models (p112).  If you bring an allied farseer, their runes hurt your own psykers.  Despite what you read on BoLS, you cannot fortune paladins or anything for that matter as fortune states "target eldar unit".

#3.  CSM + Daemons.  CSM codex pg81 icons "only units in terminator armor, obliterators, and lesser daemons..."  That's pretty specific.  No sharing icons across armies.

#4.  CSM Princes are not flyers.  pg1 of the CSM FAQ - units with wings are jump units.

What I'm getting at here is some builds and combos aren't as broken as people think because they aren't actually legal.  Don't assume just because someone brought a lot of flyers that they're playing them properly.  Don't assume that just because someone has allies, they work together like the owner wants them to.  Keep an open mind and ask to see codex rules regularly.


  1. There is also a lot confusion concerning the new Look Out Sir! rule.

  2. LOS is very easy.

    Does the character have a different save than the unit? LOS before rolling saves.

    Does the character have the same save as the unit? Rolls saves, pull casualties closest to firing unit. If the character ends up being one of the closest, LOS it after saves are failed.

    4+ on upgrade characters
    2+ on IC's

  3. Units in fliers count towards the reserve limit unless the flier is a dedicated transport.

    1. Good point. I've already seen triple raven and 9 valk lists floating around. Keep em honest when they deploy!

  4. Do not have the book so on point 3 "only units in terminator armor", does it let any allies (in Terminator Armour) Deep Strike Accurately?

    Not sure if they can actually taken any though so it may not matter...

    1. Looking at the matrix I found online they only seem to be able to take Guard and Xeno's and I do not think Guard have any Terminators. :o)

    2. Only battle brothers can share auras and psychic powers and daemons/CSM are their own only battle brothers.

      I'll have to read the exact text on daemon icons to see if they work in reverse. Also, I believe fateweaver's rerolls work on CSM but maybe one of my daemon readers can chime in. Already seen a fateweaver list with 19 terminators so that's going to get ugly if it works.