Monday, July 2, 2012

Nid List - 1500pts

July's monthly event has changed to a "welcome to 6th" event which is really cool.  You can bring multiple armies to try different stuff out.  Allies, fortifications, and player set terrain is in which should also prove to be fun (or funny if someone whips out something really broken).  Prize support will be distributed by raffle so there's no incentive to bring a nasty list and beat face (unless you like testing nasty lists and beating face).

Here's my next nid list to test out more units and mechanics.

Tyrant + wings, tl devourers, hive commander, old adversary
Tyranid Prime + sword/whip, poison, regen
Ymgarl Genestealers x6
Hive Guard x3
Genestealers x9 + broodlord w/scytals
Termagants x20 + devourers (prime here usually)
Tervigon + crushing claws, poison, furious charge, 2 powers to trade for biomancy
Aegis Defense Line (no gun)

The aegis defense line gets deployed on the center line before terrain is placed.  This gives me 4+ cover for everything to advance behind without needing difficult terrain rolls.  I'll probably roll on strategic traits and hope for the redeploy if I go first, or automatic night fight for 3+/2+ behind the aegis, reroll reserves (2+/2+ with hive commander lol), or lots of ruins to select from. 

So the tyrant starts on if I go first, reserved if I go second since FMC's start in glide and I don't want it to get shot down early.  Deathleaper dings an enemy psyker and starts in reserve.  Ymgarls go dormant in one of many pieces of terrain I conveniently get to place on my side of table center now.  Prime joins the 20 devilgaunts which slog for the middle and the aegis line.  They torrent stuff down behind cover and FnP, torrent stuff on overwatch that tries to assault, and the prime issues challenges and kills sarges.

The list has 3 psykers who will all go full biomancy. 

The tyrant loadout is kinda funny if he doesn't get shot down.  Str6 guns that reroll all misses and 1's to wound thanks to PE.  WS8 melee that rerolls 1's to hit with str6 that rerolls 1's to wound.  Fly around and shoot stuff then land and punch stuff.  Hope for Iron Arm (up to str9/t9), Endurance (FnP and regen), Warp Speed (fleet, +d3 attacks/init), or Enfeeble (str-1, t-1, difficult terrain).  The nice thing is blessings and maledictions are used in the movement phase so he can use one power, move 12-24, and shoot both weapons.  Or move 12" and assault 2d6 with rerolls.  That's a pretty badass package but not cheap at 310pts.  It will function like a necron command barge, drawing tons of fire and havok if it survives.

The broodlord (with 9 ablative wounds) may sit back and buff/debuff, or rush forward if I get any of the good bio powers.  I already know what this guy can do so he's going to stick around for a while.

The tervigon is looking for self buffs.  With crushing claws and Warp Speed, it can go up to 10 attacks on the charge.  With Iron Arm, it could be str10/t9.  No longer will my tervigons be a backfield buffer/scorer.  This one is going right up the middle.

All reserves now arrive on 2+ thanks to hive commander and possibly a reroll with the warlord trait.  I'm hoping the ymgarls and deathleaper can play cleanup with dismounted or damaged units.  Every mission has a bonus point for getting into your opponent's DZ now so these are also kinda scoring units.  With the new LoS rule, one ymgarl out of sight can never be allocated a wound which makes VP denial and scoring really annoying.

The list is diverse and should be lots of fun to play.  I actually think the added benefits to shooting and changing dynamics of assault will encourage more diverse armies as people won't need to spam as much.  With the new hull point system and vehicles getting hit in CC on 3's, I actually feel very comfortable taking only 1 unit of hive guard.  I couldn't squeeze in raveners, harpy, or dakkafex, but hopefully at 2,000 I can.  I hope to get in 2 test games before the event on July 14th.  Batreps will follow and should be more detailed as I become more familiar with the rules.


  1. I like the list and love the deathleaper, i sometimes use it also in 5th edition.
    For first list i try to use a venomstar (with prime and venomthrope) and a couple of dakkafex against light vehicle.
    Wich is the better set for hive tyrant, Swooping or Gliding?

    1. Swooping gives you the flyer defense of only getting hit on 6's, vector strike, 24" movement, and you can still fire 1/2 weapons at full BS. You can also dive for 5+ cover and snap shots next turn. Cannot assault or be assaulted.

      Gliding acts as jump monster allowing 12" move and 2d6 assault with rerolls, but you also get shot like a normal MC.

      I'd say swooping for a turn or two then glide and assault.

    2. Question:

      You can only activate Jump packs once per round, correct?
      So how do you get the reroll of the assault range after you've moved 12 inches?

      I only started to dig into the rules and I'm curious.

  2. Are you planning on using two FOC at 2000? That will really change a lot for Nids.

    1. I think this was the cheesiest moneygrab of all of them. Allies and fortifications are new-ish so that gets a pass. Most people had no problem filling one force org at 2000 or even 2500. Two force orgs at 2000 is just an excuse to sell more tanks and dreads to people who had maxed out their collection already.

      If anyone actually allowed this, the best I could do is 2 units of hive guard, deathleaper, DoM, and 2 units of ymgarls.

  3. Nice list bro ! It's got some synergy going for it and is a good base to build up.

  4. I have a question about the Deathleaper, is he a special character? so can he make pecision shot/strike and fighting a challenge?

    1. I wish he could assault in and declare a challenge, but he's not a character.

    2. i use deathleaper today in a 750 pts match in GW store and costumer tell me that all pieces with unique profile are considered character (Doom of mal'antai, Old one Eye, swarmlord) so they make precision shot and declare challenge.

      I also try swarmlord in this edition and +d3S +d3T ethernal warrior with FNP and 2it will not die" is ustoppable. In That game he eat 7 terminator with storm shield and thunder hammer with 4 wound left

  5. Dormant specifies they are placed in area terrain. None of the fortifications are area terrain. Nice idea though. Good luck with the list and I look forward to reading the batreps

    1. I think you got it wrong. You get to place terrain on your own half of the board now so you put a piece of area terrain just on your side of the half for ymgarls. The fortification is to give cover to everything else walking up.