Saturday, July 7, 2012

Salvaging the Dark Footdar

The most depressing thing about 6th edition for me was invalidating my reserve/webway portal list.  I've been mulling over the options and here are some fun alternatives if the tournament circuit accepts allies.

DE Primary Detachment (1400ish)
Lady Malys (picked up a new model I just can't keep on the shelf)
Haemonculi x2 + liquifiers x2, crucible of malediction, venom blades x2
Grotesques x10 + liquifier, aberration w/ flesh gauntlet
Kabalite Warriors x20 + dark lances x2, blaster, sybarite w/ blast pistol, agonizer
Kabalite Warriors x20 + dark lances x2, blaster, sybarite w/ agonizer
Voidraven Bomber + flickerfield

Allied Detachment (option #1 600ish)
Pathfinders x10
War Walkers x3 + scatter lasers

Allied Detachment (option #2 600ish)
Maugan Ra
Harlequins x5 + shadowseer, deathjester
Guardian Jetbikes x3 + cannon
War Walkers x3 + scatter lasers

I think the Maugan version would be more fun but with all the new psychic stuff out there...  Eldrad could swap out for divination powers which would be fully also.  20 warriors with bs4 overwatch.  4+ invuln on grotesques. Misfortune would cancel out fateweaver.  Maugan and the deathjester could be funny with precision shots, ignore cover, rending, etc.

Bottom line is I really want to keep the grotesque unit I converted viable.  Any thoughts?  I should probably work in a defense line with skyfire gun also.


  1. Lady Malys with the grotesques means no buffing them :(

  2. Truth.

    However, nothing is keeping her with the grotesques if I'm up against an enemy without any psychic offense.

    The haemis go with the grotesques to make them fearless so Malys can join warriors or something. She can take most upgrade characters on in a challenge too.

    Trying to figure out how to fit a quad gun in for bs7 silliness.

  3. I had the same problem with my own WebWay list. No assaulting from the WebWay blows but I think I'm on to something with my slight changes. I added Eldrad and pathfinders to mine aswell check out warseer for my list -sixth Ed crack at WebWay with allies- Maybe it will work maybe it won't.

    But I do think adding Eldrad and the pathfinders will help us out greatly.

  4. It's really a balancing act now on finding what works. I don't know if the large warrior block will be viable. I see them too prone to a sweep or break, but that may be 5th ed thinking so I'm interested to hear your reports.

    I'm contemplating still using the grot bomb to drop portals for some hot wrack liquifier action. Maybe a squad of bikes or scourges. I think bikes from portals may be nice, because those few times you get caught turn one without them moving they are toast pretty quick.

    As far as allies, after watching how effective a normal farseer with 2 swapped powers was in an eldar army, I can't really see not using one as an ally every time you can. My instinct though may be a dire avenger squad with all the exarch powers, they really embody the versatility that 6th seems to promote. The Prescience power on them made it stupid, bladestorm, re-roll hits, assault the left overs, reroll hits (exarch contributing a 5+ shimmer shield invuln, and -1 attack to opponents). The pathfinders didn't perform much behind them, neutering a Dev squad in short order with AP 1 precision strikes, thanks in part to Prescience.

    1. Yeah the divination powers are just so good. I've been toying with using them also in my Mordrak Shock list also on a suped up libby.

      I still have yet to test the big warrior blobs mainly because I don't own that many. Maybe I can proxy test sometime. The thing is seeing if the grotesque screen can keep assault units off of them. With no retreat wounds gone and FnP against anything under str10, they may actually be more resilient in CC.

      The other thing will be to see if anything can actually get into assault with a bs4 unit overwatching ~32 poison shots and 3 lances (if I get that div power).

      I may have to swap one of the units over to wyches or wracks, but I won't be investing a lot of money into a already broken army until I'm sure the investment will be worth it.

      Who knows, maybe 3 fliers and a skyfire fortification in an all DE list will be better than allies at the end of the day.

  5. Yeah I was super depressed about my webway dark eldar for the first few days after the edition drop as well.

    But after a little bit Ive gotten up off the floor and am excitedly making new foot lists.

    Ive dropped all the webways to go all foot period. Right now Im looking at a large warrior brick led by Vect. Vect makes them fearless and gives them preferred enemy everything. And lately Ive been thinking back and forth with either URien or the baron, Urien gives them feel no pain and upgrades grotesques, while the Baron gives the whole unit hit and run to keep vect from being locked down.

    Adding to that Ive got the aforementioned Dire Avenger unit... can get funny with defend and a phantasm grenade launcher. And a wraithlord to go along with 3 Talos. My allied Hq right now is Karandros to infiltrate either a unit of Grotesques or unit of Hellions depending on the Baron/Urien question. Rounding it out is 3 units of 8 wyches with haywire grenades.

    Ive got some test games today so Ill get back to you with ideas.

    1. Wow Vect now passes USR's on to the unit so 20 fearless warriors with PE is awesome.

      Maybe with that Haemi's are pointless. Add Vect and Malys to the grots to make them even better in CC.

      What it comes down to for me is whether or not the local tournies will allow allies.