Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tournament Day

I love tournament days.  Since my son was born 5 months ago, I've only been averaging 4 games per month, 3 of which are on tournament day.  My armies are all mostly painted and I'm really starting to enjoy the game more for what it is.

I took my Mordrak Shock list out today for it's first tournament after a practice game this Tuesday.  Only 7 people showed up, which was disappointing, but I guess that could be due to the nice weather and this edition being on its way out.

My first game was against Dean's necrons.  You've seen his army several times by now if you follow my battle reports.  This time, his army featured a mini-av13 wall (the event was 1500pts) with a triarch stalker, 2 ghost arks, a command barge, and annihilation barge.

My second game was against Bill's blood angels.  Stormraven versus stormraven.  Mordrak vs Astoroth. 

And the third game was against ChrisP himself and the tyranids he's famous for.  This guy has won two consecutive invitationals with his 'nids and usually places in general if he shows up.  He gave me the closest and most entertaining games I've had in a while.

Anyways, that's another fun tournament for the books and perhaps my last real tournament of 5th edition.  Full battle reports from each of these games and my practice game to come.  In one week, it's back out for a 1250pt lock-in event with four players playing free-for-all per table.


  1. Sorry to hear the turn out was a bit low, I know that baby responsibilities kept me at home (and a surprise trip to Florida for business tomorrow). Looking forward to reading these while I sit alone in a hotel room.

  2. Had to work today, really too bad we could not make it out there. Would have been nice to get it up to double digits.

  3. how did you guys handle the odd number of players? As a TO for a small store tourney, that has always been a concern for me.

  4. The TO played a ringer army from the store's collection.