Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Last Man Standing 2012 - Game #1

This event was a lock-in at Millennium Games and was the second time they ran this format.  Last year I took tyranids (1, 2, 3) and went undefeated throughout the event but do to the scoring system (loopholes), I didn't place.  This year I had planned to take my Mordrak Shock list, but do to local complaints about GK and powerlists, I decided to bring my WWP dark eldar.

The format was 4 players per table (1250pts each) playing for a central objective (any non-tansport can score) and kill points.  Each table had 4 cards which were randomly chosen to determine deployment order as well as the order of play for each turn.  As such, it was possible to go last then first (2 consecutive turns) or first then last (6 player turns in between).  Games automatically end at the end of the 5th turn (due to time with 4 players per table).

Since there's so much chaos between 4 players and the changing turn sequence, these reports will be fairly loose since I didn't take notes.

My list:
Archon + blaster, agonizer, shadow field, haywire grenades, phantasm launcher
Haemonculi x2 + portals
Grotesques x10 + aberration, flesh gauntlet, liquifier
Trueborn x3 + blasters x3
Warriors x5 + blaster
Warriors x5 + blaster
Beastmasters x3 + khymera x5, razorwings x2, clawed fiend x1
Talos + chain flails, heat lances

I smudged the lens of my camera during this game so I apologize for the poor pics.

First game was against Duncan (IG), Ben (orks), and Erich (daemons).

Duncan gets to deploy first.  He has a primaris psyker, 3 vet squads (2 in chimeras 1 in valk), valk, 2 basilisks, and a deathstrike missile!

Ben gets to deploy next.  He has a warboss with meganobz in a trukk, 60 boyz, 10 lootas, 3 kanz, 3 deffkotpas (outflanking), and 3 kannons.

I deploy my grotesue-star next.

Eric does the daemon thing.  He has fateweaver, bloodcrushers, fiends, horrors, and plaguebearers.

Duncan scout moves the valk to about 14" from the kanz to alpha stike them with vets. However, orks get first turn and shoot down the valk despite cover.  The vets take heavy casualties and run. I move up and deploy both portals.  The DZ to my left is empty thanks to the daemons, but I don't want to let Erich have free reign of that side.

The daemons get their primary wave with the fateweaver (keeper proxy), crushers, and fiends.

Duncan's guard are stuck between orks and daemons so he decides to focus on the orks.  He's able to take out all 3 kanz and several boyz.

 Ben's warboss and manz jump back in their ride and take the center (the entire tree is the objective here, each table is different).  30 of his boyz head for me and 30 go for the guard.  Deffkoptas arrive to the left of the guard formation.

I get both squads of warriors and the talos.

Grotesues get stuck in terrain.  All 3 of my blasters on the table only stun the trukk.  The talos assaults the 30 boyz (29 of them can't hurt it) and tarpits them.

The daemons move to contest the center objective.  Fiends go claim the koptas kill point.  Guard continue to focus on orks with blasts and flamers.  The deathstrike fails to launch.

 Orks continue to put pressure on the guard.

 Daemons hit the guard formation also and cause massive damage.

The deathstrike gets wrecked by the fiends (yay for me).

My beasts arrive and I continue to plink away at the trukk.

Grotesques and beasts assault the boyz and wipe them out but not before the nob finishes the talos.

Daemons and orks continue to ravage the guard.

I finally wreck the trukk and assault the warboss's unit.

 I take several casualties but wipe them out.

When the game ends, Erich's daemons have taken 1st at our table by collecting tons of kill points from guard and orks in the late game.  Ben's orks took 2nd on our table from claiming the center objective early and getting several kill points from the guard.  I pulled out 3rd by getting the trukk, boyz, warboss, and meganobz.

The format is a lot of fun and not to be taken too seriously due to the random player turns and potential to be playing 3v1.  Fatecrusher is a really bad match for my army and even worse in this format so there wasn't much I could do.  I also realized that taking a mostly reserved army in a 5 turn game could have been a bad idea.  Anyways, fun game and I recommend 4 way free-for-alls for those who get burned out on standard tournaments.

I'll try and get all 3 games written up before the 6th ed books drop.


  1. Good write up, I have been struggling on how much detail to put into these with so many different armies on the field. I should have the first battle up from my perspective (using some of your nice pictures!)by the end of today. For anyone interested the Daemons were...

    Fateweaver, 6x Crushers w/ Full Kit, 6x Fiends, 19x Plaguebearers w/ Icon, 9x Horrors w/ Changeling.

    The shame about this game is you pretty much had your entire army intact, but just could not get to the enemy units fast enough before they all killed one another.

  2. 4 Way battles are fun for sure. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it seems like one side gets wiped out before anyone else really engages. This game didn't see too unfair, seems like it was real fun.

  3. Well it was interesting. What it comes down to it I should have brought my Mordrak list like I planned to for a month.

    So the daemons were in full reserve and my army was mostly reserved. The orks and guard deployed next to each other so it came down to who went first and this time it was orks.

    Since they started feeding each other kill points, Erich and I had to play catch up which his army did better with speed and positioning. Fateweaver is also extremely broken at 1250pts where people are splitting their fire 3 ways.