Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last Man Standing 2012 - Game #2

This event was a lock-in at Millennium Games and was the second time they ran this format.  Last year I took tyranids (1, 2, 3) and went undefeated throughout the event but do to the scoring system (loopholes), I didn't place.  This year I had planned to take my Mordrak Shock list, but do to local complaints about GK and powerlists, I decided to bring my WWP dark eldar.

The format was 4 players per table (1250pts each) playing for a central objective (any non-tansport can score) and kill points.  Each table had 4 cards which were randomly chosen to determine deployment order as well as the order of play for each turn.  As such, it was possible to go last then first (2 consecutive turns) or first then last (6 player turns in between).  Games automatically end at the end of the 5th turn (due to time with 4 players per table).

Since there's so much chaos between 4 players and the changing turn sequence, these reports will be fairly loose since I didn't take notes.

My list:
Archon + blaster, agonizer, shadow field, haywire grenades, phantasm launcher
Haemonculi x2 + portals
Grotesques x10 + aberration, flesh gauntlet, liquifier
Trueborn x3 + blasters x3
Warriors x5 + blaster
Warriors x5 + blaster
Beastmasters x3 + khymera x5, razorwings x2, clawed fiend x1
Talos + chain flails, heat lances

Second game was against Ben (IG), James (GK), and Erich (daemons).

Ben gets to deploy first.  He has a primaris psyker, 2 vet squads (1 in chimera 1 in valk), devil dog, hellhound, 2 exterminators, and a demolisher.

You'll note this table has a unique terrain setup.  They wanted each table for this event to have different terrain dynamics to the extreme.  I get to deploy next.  Ben's demolisher is just off screen to my right.

James deploys his GK next.  He has 15 terminators with max psycannons and all halberds and hammers, one rifleman, one NDK with sword, incinerator, and teleporter, and a libby.

Erich's fateweaver daemons are going their thing again.  I get to go first!  I move the archon the blast the demolisher and drop one portal.

My archon has a clear shot and is bs7, but don't worry I rolled double 1's.  Ben gets mad and moves his army to shoot me.

The demolisher and melta template scatter off.  Cover and FnP take care of the rest of his shooting.

Erich gets his unwanted wave and we rejoice!  However, 19 plague bearers on the central objective will be a huge pain to remove.

James makes his move but invulns and FnP shake off nearly every wound.  You'll notice Erich's dice rolls are nearly flawless this entire game.  The rifleman blows the turret off the devil dog.

Ben goes next.  He takes a couple pot shots at me and a couple at the daemons.

Erich goes next and gets the fateweaver, fiends, and bloodcrushers... all on the plague bearer's icon.

Fateweaver mangles the hellhound but doesn't finish it.

The NDK gets scared and runs away...  The entire terminator force shoots crushers and cause 0 wounds.

I get in beasts and warriors.  My blaster wiffs.  Beasts assault plague bearers and Erich's dice are hot again and I lose combat but stay locked for now.

The daemons move up to molest guard.

Erich claims a lot of points here with the daemons taking out several vehicles.

The GK dance around again mostly scared of the daemons and not causing any damage with shooting.  The guard snipe the rifleman with a lascannon shot as well.

I get the rest of my army in but nothing is in range to assault and my shooting continues to wiff, even the t/l heat lance.  Erich gets balsy and throws the fateweaver into the NDK and wins combat for a round.

I finally lose the beasts to the plague bearers.

Everyone else joins in the fun in the middle.  The fateweaver actually hold up to the NDK and the big squad of terminators for a bit.

After the dust settles, we've dropped the fateweaver, horror, and plague bearers but it took 3 of us working together to even do that much damage.

Erich got 1st at this table again, James came in 2nd with the Fateweaver kill and Ben's valk/vets which came in his DZ and got stomped (no pics of that), and I got 3rd at the table.  This game was more fun than the last, but also more frustrating as 1250pts in daemons stood up to nearly 3750pts of our junk with just a little infighting.

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  1. Good synopsis - I think the key to the game was the GK keeping their distance from my Daemons and my exceptionally hot dice. When Fate came down, I took shooting and assault from just about the entire table and only lost 2-3 Plaguebearers total.

    I was very worried the NDK was going to Dark Excommunication my Crushers and hold them in place for the Terminators to smack on the following turn.

    As for Fateweaver into the NDK - it definitely cost me the PB's (and Fate) to do it by taking her out of range but a 4 player FFA is meant to be fun and crazy. My criteria for decisions were: 1 - Will this make a great story, 2 - See 1.

    Nothing would have been a better cap to the game (and the night?!) than Fate punching out a Dreadknight!