Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last Minute Changes

So I was planning on bringing a 1250pt version of my Mordrak Shock list to the 4 way free-for-all lock in this coming weekend.  Predictably though, another thread started in a local forum with people complaining about GK's.  Even though the list has no riflemen dreads, paladins, purifiers, or henchmen, I'm sure someone would make a comment during or after the event that would leave a bitter taste in my mouth.  That's exactly what I don't want to happen as I see out 5th edition.

Plus, I want to play at least one more 5th edition game with my Dark Eldar.

While the new list for this event won't be nearly as effective as the GK one I was planning on taking, it will be fun and still may take some by surprise.  It's pretty diverse too so there should be no complaints!

1250pts WWP DE for a 4 way FFA (pictured above):
Arcon + agonizer, blaster, shadowfield, phantasm grenade launcher, haywire grenades
Haemonculi x2 + webway portals x2
Grotesques x10 + abberation, flesh gauntlet, liquifier
Trueborn x3 + blasters x3
Warriors x5 + blaster
Warriors x5 + blaster
Beastmasters x3 + khymerae x5, razorwings x2, clawed fiend
Talos + chain flails, t/l heat lance

The nice thing about having 3 armies is being able to switch things up.  The bad thing is always having "nearly finished" armies.  I love painting but with so many projects, I tend to jump around more before finishing entire units.  I haven't touched the DE's in a couple months, but I did do a little painting on a NDK.  It's a shame people hate on the GK so much because I like painting them the most.

Anyways, I played around with some weathering inspired by some models I've seen on CMON.

I've only hit a few of the white panels, but I'm happy with the effect.  Here's a closer view.

I think it looks good, but makes the metallics look too clean now so I'll have to work on mucking that up a bit next.

That's it for now.  I still have 3 GK tournament reports to write and will have 3 with DE after this weekend so that should provide some interesting reading for y'all until 6th comes out.


  1. I am a bit bummed you are not bringing the GK with you. It helps your painting load though for sure!

  2. I am also TBH. I've been wanting to build the Mordrak list for a year now and this month's events are perfect for his ability to DS turn 1 without scatter.

    The amount of GK/list based drama right now is just too much and I'd rather get through the event without any snarky comments, event if I have to perform worse with my 2nd choice army.

    Hopefully 6th ed and the new armies will take some of the steam out of the anti-gk crowd. Otherwise, I'll probably only use them every 3d event and rotate my armies.

  3. The weathering looks great! Try a little delvan mud wash on the metal. Adds a bit of a dirty covering and also brings out the shape more. If you'd like more than that get some pigments or use the flesh ink for some rusty streaks."

    Have fun at the lock in.

  4. I commend you though for being courteous (sort of) and playing a different list. It takes a certain kind of gamer to understand that others aren't having fun with it, and so you bring something new to stomp them with :P

  5. Too bad that people give GK a hard time and that you will have to suffer just because other player flood the game with beardy lists.

    Still, it's just for fun and it's good that you play the list you will have most fun with.

    Will you be able to put one coat of paint on the bases for the DE? Even if you dont finish them, one coat of paint and some gravel would greatly improve how they look. The white bases stand out as it is right now.
    Good luck at the event!

  6. Arron,

    What is your process for painting the shipped armor? It looks really good and was interested in trying it out.


  7. The short version is:

    1. Armor plates are airbrushed wicker white, dove grey, and medium grey for shading (folk arts).
    2. On a wet palette, I mixed pure black and dark brown 50/50 and brushed in the chipped details around the edges of the armor.

    My new favorite detailing brush is:

    It was only ~$5 at JoAnn's.

    3. Then I take medium grey (from the wet palette) and paint over the black/brown chipped area, but only on the edge of the armor plate.

    I'll do some painting tutorials for airbrushing, wet palette, and weathering once I get through these next 6 battle reports.

  8. Also... It's important when trying to make something look believable to use strong references. Since this stuff doesn't exist outside the game, I use models from CMON as inspiration and try to deconstruct their techniques.

    Here are some of my references: