Monday, April 18, 2011

Hive Commander Profile: "Crispy"

I'm excited to bring you my first "Hive Commander" profile featuring my buddy Chris P. ("Crispy" on blogger).  He's supplied me with some thoughts on tyranids, pictures of his models, army lists, and tournament results.  This will also serve as a Q&A forum so feel free to ask him questions directly.

"I'm Chris P, I play Tyranids because I think they’re the coolest looking army out there. The largest portion of my hobby time is spent at home painting and converting, and it’s important to me to have an army that is visually dynamic. By using Nids, I am able to spend a lot of time doing conversions, and they challenge me to be a better painter. While the majority of my hobby time is spent at home, I do like to get out and play in as many tournaments as I can."

Chris's Hive Tyrant

"When building a tournament list, the 'cool factor' of the models drive my army selection. Because of this, I play with units that are considered by many to be sub-optimal game-wise, but look interesting. I try to stick with these units and adapt them to my play style, even though they may not be the most efficient use of points. I make these units work for me, and I’ve experienced varying levels of success.
         Free time is a precious commodity these days, so when I want to get a game in I usually opt to go to tournaments. I love going to tournaments because they are a set amount of time where I know I’ll get able to get my game on. I like them so much that I’ve only played 1 non-tournament game of 40K in over 2 years. I also don’t have a LGS, so traveling to events is usually my only option."

Dakkafex Conversion

"I primarily play in Rochester, NY @ Millennium Games with the Da Boyz crew, but I also try to go to any GTs within a reasonable distance. If you see me around, say hi. "

Chris's 5th Edition Tyranid Tournament Resume:

Da Boyz GT 2010 – 2nd Overall, Best Comp (90ish players)
Millennium Games Invitational – 1st Overall (12 players, invite only, top finishers from each RTT)
The Conflict GT 2011 – 20th Overall
The Colonial GT 2011 – 10th Overall
Millennium Games "Last Man Standing" - 1st Overall (16 players total, 4 per table free-for-all)

Parasite of Mortrex

Da Boyz GT & Millennium Invitational List:
Tyrant w/ Heavy Venom Cannon
1 Tyrant Guard
3 Lictors
8 Ymgarl Stealers
9 Ripper Swarms
24 Hormugaunts w/ AG & TS
11 Genestealers w/ TS & Broodlord
3 Warriors w/ Deathspitters
Harpy w/ TL-HVC
Trygon Prime
3 Biovores

Tyranid Prime

Colonial GT List:
Hive Tyrant w/ Old Adversary & Armoured Shell
2 Tyrant Guard
Tyranid Prime w/ LW & BS
10 Ymgarls
27 Hormagaunts w/ TS
13 Genestealers w/ TS & Broodlord
5 Shrikes w/ TS, LW & BS
Carnifex w/ 2TL Devs
Trygon w/ AG


I've only had the opportunity to play Chris once, but I can say he's a top-notch general and true sportsman.  He's the only one to ever shake my hand mid game just to tell me how much he was enjoying the game.  We paired off at the Millennium Invitational using the list above.  I had him down to 3 warriors and 1 lictor, but he stayed focused on the objectives and still eeked out a win.  So there you have it, unconventional lists succeeding in the hands of a talented general.  Feel free to pose questions and discuss.


  1. Those are some amazing models.

  2. Great conversions and paint work, he's right, Tyranids are the coolest looking army around by far!!

    His and yours hyv3mynd, top stuff!

  3. Uh, his lists barely have anti tank? Especially the second one, so how does he handle mech lists? Great looking army!

  4. Hedzer - The only mech that I've ever had trouble with is Land Raider spam. Aside from that, my stealers (especially the ymgarls)have been my primary mech hunters. That said, there have been a few situations that I really would have loved some Hive Guard, but in those instances I've been able to compensate by playing to the mission.

  5. Great conversions! Tyranids are awesome, no doubt!

  6. Now that is what I call a DakkaFex. I like that much better then seeing the little Nubbed armed dakka fex's.

    I do like your Parasite model aswell.

    Would like to see some of your batreps for sure.


  7. @crispy thanks man, good to hear that the "you need hive guard/thropes" myth is just that, a myth:)

  8. Wow, Crispy- those models are cool as hell!
    Tyranids are the most fun ever for dudes who like Converting and Kitbashing, that's why I love 'em, too.

    I'll just throw this question out there....

    Grey are we dealing with them now that they're part of the scene and we'll start seeing them in Tournaments and such now?

  9. Wow; just wow. That first list is a mind-boggler, but then that's the entire point; and I'm the one that advocates for variety =) Love the attitude, and the proof is in the results. Keep it up.

  10. Jesus! Congratulations Chris on a sweet run through some heavy competition!

    I'd just love to know what you do with the Lictors and the Harpy in your Da Boyz GT and Millennium Games list!

  11. SinSynn - To tell you the truth, I'm not sure how I'll deal with them. I have some theoryhammer to throw out there, but I'm more of a tabletop learner.

    I'll really have to wait to weigh in, but here's some of my thoughts anyway: About the only thing that I was worried about was the force weapons and their effect on MCs. I was planning on shifting my force to be more Fast Attack oriented anyway (Adding Gargs & raveners), so by dropping the Fex & Trygon, I'm eliminating some of my worries.

    Again, I'll have to see it on the table top.

  12. Ghostin - Thanks. I include a bunch of units that don't look great on paper, but perform excellently for my playstyle. For instance, Ripper have been fantastic for me. Because they're swarms & only 90 points, I have no worries about going to ground with them. When you're shooting my army, the front line has a 2+ cover save. Everything else backing them up will have a 4+. For me, they've worked great.

  13. Dave - My lictors are used like slingshots. I charge them into units that they'll probably win or lock combat with, and wait till the opponent's turn to Hit & Run. That H&R, combined with a movement, fleet and charge distances can give the Lictors over a 2 foot movement (3 feet at maximum). I usually target heavy weapon squads, lone tanks, snipers/scouts, and last minute objectives. Just don't send them into a squad with a fist.

    The most success I've had with them is against IG. Have 1 of the 3 attack a squad, and the other 2 attack nearby tanks. You'll lock and then next turn, you can whip around the board.

    The Harpy is another story. He's usually taken out early in every game. During those 2 events, he only made it past turn 3 once. People think it's a big threat, and take it down. Personally, I've tried to use him quite a bit but his abilities almost always fall short. He's not a good fire platform, and he's not great in hth.

    What is he good at? Vehicle hunting & close combat support. The TL-HV-Cannon is okay, and he does get 2D6 against vehicles in cc. He's also great when charging in with another heavy hitter. Sonic screech takes down initiative, and whatever else charging in can clean house. Don't rely on the Harpy alone.

    I think that's the big problem with the harpy, he's support. He can't do things by himself. If you know that, then you can compensate.

  14. Maybe I've misread something - I thought swarms couldn't be used for cover?

  15. ... For MC's.

    Rippers are infantry. They still provide cover to infantry behind them so long as they actually obscure part of the model.

  16. Yup - completely misread that. Swarms get stealth, so that would put your lead "wave" potentially at 3+, 5 wounds per base if you can get them into some form of cover; add in FNP... makes the Parasite's 24" synapse-for-rippers-only rule much more entertaining. Templates still suck (SW missile spam), but clearly back to the drawing board for me for a bit.

  17. You always want them spread out anyway, so templates aren't a big problem. Let's assume 5 missiles are fired hitting 2 bases each.
    10hits --> S4 vs T3 = 6.77 wounding
    6.77 wounds --> 3+ Cover = 2.33
    2.33 --> Vulnerable to blast (2X) 4.66

    A base and a half. Not too bad. If you really want, go to ground and you may loose a single base. Depending on the scatter results, shooting crack may be just as good.

    That tactic is also dependent on how mobile you are. If you want to run forward and use the rippers as a shield, maybe you'll only get a 6+ for cover. All dependent on the situation.

    -And thank you everyone for the compliments on the models.

  18. Good work Crispy! Nice to see someone thinking beyond lists and about actual tactics. Kudos!