Monday, April 11, 2011

hyv3mynd discusses Tyranids on the 11th Company Podcast

Pat interviewed me about my lists, painting, conversions, and tactics for the 64th Episode of their podcast here:

My portion of the interview starts about 1:33:00.  Purgatus follows my segment speaking about his adventures in Nids and his blog.


  1. It was great to be featured after you man! I haven't had a chance to listen through your entire segment yet, but rest assured I will make the time. Did you hear me talk about you? lol.

  2. I listened through where you talked about the differences in the army and importance of remembering the order of our abilities. That's about when my wife started complaining that she needed attention haha.

    I'll listen to the rest tomorrow I hope.

  3. You did a great job, Hyv!

    I'm listening to Purgatus now - really excellent gents.

  4. Listening now - salient points I heard for anyone not listening:

    - Tyranids can't easily afford any mistakes in movement phase, especially being left in the open
    - Spawned gants may be key for beating GKs
    - One issue with genestealers is they can outrun synapse range pretty easily
    - This your second go at blogging in support of tyranids, but this go-round you are focusing on batreps, hobby, and creating a positive atmosphere.
    - Don't let louder voices tell you what is good or bad, right or wrong, if you feel you can make something work, keep trying until you can figure out how to make it work.

    Great job - thanks for taking the time. I haven't been able to connect with Pat yet =\

  5. Why would Genestealers care about Synapse?

  6. They're not inherently fearless?

    I typically use 2x20 genestealers these days and almost never outflank them. Synapse is therefore required. Without it, they can:

    1. Be tank shocked and still fail ld10
    2. Be hit with weaken resolve and "leafblown"
    3. Fear of the darkness
    4. Veil of darkness/pariah'd
    5. Multi-assaulted, lose, and get swept
    6. Pinned
    7. etc, etc, etc

    20 genestealers infiltrated with at least 10 in cover, stretched into synapse, and given FnP is a whole different story.

  7. I listened to the podcast just to hear the interview and I was not disappointed. Keep up your great work for the Tyranid community.

  8. Thanks Chaosheade. I'm working on bringing in some other contributors for new points of view on tactics and hobby content.

  9. Interesting. Ld 10 is such a solid number I just generally don't worry about too many things in that regard.