Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hobby Updates

Splinter Fleet Colossus grows!  I'm nearly finished with an ungodly amount of genestealers.  These guys have taken me weeks, but I'm very pleased with the end result (well almost, bases will get finished next week).  I tried my hand for the first time at OSL (object source lighting) on their eyes to make them glow.  What do you think?

I've also been chipping away at my warrior squad and have nearly finished my second prime with boneswords and a warrior with barbed strangler.  These guys were drybrushed red as a wave to the original tyranid warrior color scheme back in 2nd ed, just as the genestealers above were drybrushed purple.

I also knocked out a couple raveners to test a metallic green drybrushing over the black skin areas.

My ATC army is starting to look finished.  I need to get 3 color min. on my spawnable gaunts and then base everything.  I'm thinking 2 weeks is enough if I give up some sleep here and there.  I also picked up a battlefoam travel display board as my home made one is very cumbersome.  I'll put some picks of the finished ATC army up when we hit the road to Tennessee.  Until then, I've got some army profiles in the works from readers and celebrities (hehe).


  1. Looking good!
    The eye highlights look nice, no worries there.

  2. Looks very good, but don't overextend the light spreading from the eyes, the light wouldn't realistically reach the arteries on the back of the head for instance. Just keep it around the eyes for best effect.

  3. They all look fantastic, except for the basing =P

    I really need to figure out what your secret is for making the drybrushed stuff look so good. My initial tests failed to impress, and in the case of the multi-colored shimmering carapace I failed utterly. I might try watering down the drybrush color next time to see if that works better.

    Awesome stuff as always and good luck with getting everything ready in time without losing too much sleep.

  4. Looking great! Hope you're considering broodlords with all those stealers. 46 points for 3 wounds, S5 T5 for only 4 more points than 3 stealers - the T5 alone is worth the 4 points.

  5. Ghostin, the T5 only comes into play when all Genestealers but 1 is dead, and you forgot to weight in the 2 attacks less. I like the Broodlord in smaller units, but he's far from a nobrainer choice.

  6. Thanks guys.

    @ NIB ~ I probably went a little overboard with the OSL on the temples, but I like the effect. It's amazing what kind of effects you can create with source light highlights in colors that contrast your base scheme. FWIW, broodlord t5 also comes into effect when you have the opportunity to FnP krak missiles and psyrifles. It's not often, but does happen from time to time.

    @ Chaosheade ~ Were you using folk art paints also? What I do is water down the bottles until the paint has the consistency of GW paints. I find even new bottles of paint are extremely thick, so I fill it up to the neck with water and shake it like hell. I use Robert Simmons sapphire sable 2/0 brushes. I've cut my drybrush down about 33% after finding that shorter bristles hold their form better and remain more rigid to apply paint more evenly. I dip it in the paint (I use the cap) enough to cover the ends of all the bristles, then rub it on my pallette until almost no pigments are left to rub off. IDK if that helps, maybe I'll put together a drbrushing article sometime.

    @ Ghostin ~ I love broodlords and what they do, but I'm not sure they'll make the cut for my ATC list.

  7. I was using the folk art green that you use over my own metallic blue concoction. You definitely confirmed my suspicion that I did not thin the paint enough and that is the main problem.

    That seems like a very small brush to be using for drybrushing large areas. Does it take as long as I imagine it would? I usually use a filbert for drybrushing or just an old/cheap brush that I have lying around. I've got a pretty good grasp on the basics of drybrushing but some insight into your methods would not be unwelcome if you ever get the time to put an article together. I know you're pretty busy right now.

    Anyway, thanks for the info. I'm finally getting settled into the new house so I'm going to try very hard to get back to work on my nids real soon.

  8. I see this army and I want to say looks good. you need to add "Mint Oil" to the minis so they also spell like mint.

    Mint nids.


  9. Nice bro I do like the eye highlights on the stealers. Sets them apart with that wicked gaze.